SpaceFox 3D Demos!

Back in the spring of 1997, I was a senior in college on the verge of graduation! However, since I was in the Honors program, I had to do a senior project in my major. Since I was basically a Math/Computer Science double major, I had some flexibility. At first I was going to write a 30 page math paper, but that didn't seem like much fun, and it didn't take advantage of my computer science background. I then though to myself, why don't I write a 3D graphics program! Since 3D graphics are very math intensive, it seemed like a perfect idea.

This 3D demo that you may download below is the result of my honors project. It uses a single flat-shaded polygon spaceship with a 3D starfield. There are actually 2 demos in the zip file so check them both out! One is like a simple flight sim, and the other shows off some nice camera rotation. These demos were written with a 16-bit compiler for DOS, and the ship model was created by me. I actually typed in vertices for the polygon object since I didn't have a modeling program! It looks pretty good considering...

Anyhow, you may download the demos below. Any comments are welcome at

Download SpaceFox demos!

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