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Aaron's BC Story: How it Changed my Life!

Nasty Spikes of Level 3

BC is the greatest game ever! It basically changed my life for 1 reason: It deals with WWII which I love, plus it has a great story! How I got this game was interesting. My friend got this game when we were 9, and when he first had it his brother beat it, but we weren't around so we didn't see the ending. At first we couldn't get past the spikes at the end of level 3 so we gave up for a while... Then when we got a little older we decided to work on it again so after a while I finally beat it. Then, every day I went to my friend's house I beat it. I beat that game a 1000 times! Then SNES came out so I forgot about this game. Then one day I wanted this game. I wanted to buy it off my friend, but he liked it so much I had to give up 2 SNES games and 5 bucks! For an old NES game! That's how much he liked it. I think it's the greatest game ever! Even today, 8 years later, I play it daily and still don't get tired of it.

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