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Agnofront's Bionic Commando Memories

Well, I remember when I first played Bionic Commando. I went to the local Albertson's hoping to find a cool game to rent and I was always a giant Capcom fanatic due to MegaMan, Ghosts 'n Goblins, etc.. and so I figured "what the hell".

Megaman 1 Ghosts & Goblins - Hard game!!!!

I went home, popped it in expecting a mediocre game, average at best but was awestruck by a soldier who didn't jump but instead swung with the aid of a bionic arm. I grabbed a six pack of pepsi and some pringles, needless to say I was gonna be headed for a long day. I couldn't stop playing it, so much so that I paid a $5.00 fine to Albertson's for my willingness to beat the crap outta the Badds'. My Brother came home to see the game I was playing, at first he didn't like it claiming the bionic arm was "too odd" but BC won him over and soon enough he joined the fight. We went through the game and finally saw some of the coolest things in a video game since the "love making" scene in NES' 1987's "Golgo-13". First Hitler pops up (wow there's controversy!!!), he calls us "damn fools!" (WOW HE SAID DAMN!), and after we killed him his face blows up (HOLY S#@T!!!!). I never have really played a more innovative game since then and the fact that it was overlooked still makes me mad but it's nice to see there are fellow BC fans out there who care enough to make webpages.

He said damn...  heh heh

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