Back in the Dayz:

BC: Video Game of the Gods

Area 3: Man-Eating Plants

Since about May of '98 I've been collecting NES games. The most major reason was because I figured if I could get more of a kick out of Rygar, Master Blaster, Mega Man, etc. then Super Mario 64, why bother? Another thing is almost all pawn shops have 'em for 3 bucks or less. A little while after I started collecting, I went to a funcoland and scrolled through there used game list. My eyes stopped on Bionic Commando which rung a bell. In an instant my mind was flooded with memories of having the NES setup in the kitchen...

About 12 o'clock I got home from Blockbuster and popped it in because my older brother had suggested it. Naturally he got the first turn, and I watched in awe as the man in the red and blue suit swung around from a grey 'vine.' My first question was if it was a robot Tarzan and I got a sharp reprimanding from asking that -.-' Then came my turn after my brother flung himself in the water. So I shoot my gun and run around and swing some, then also fling myself in te water. My brother does the same thing again, but this time I pass the first level! All after that is a blur except when we reached the level with the man-eating plants. Those really freaked me out. I remember my brother going through a few levels, and y dad walked in as Hitler cussed and covered my eyes. Upon seeing his head explode he freaked out even more. *sigh* I ran the way from the building to see the ending. With that, my memory ended.

I instantly bought BC, feeling a strong connection to it. Oddly enough, my character had a green suit! I later found out Nintendo released two versions of BC, the only difference being the character color. I played in awe for at least 5 minutes... then flung myself into the water. After a little getting used to, my dad joined in and we wrote a little strategy guide for it and some junk like that. It now resides in my top 10 favorite games of all time.

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