Area 1

Bionic Commando - Area 1

Area 1 is the first level that you will come to on the game map. It has two main sections: A section outside of a military complex, and a section inside of that same military complex.

Bionic Commando - Area 1

Although this is the first level that you come to, it can be difficult to beat this area. It's not that the level itself is hard, but your character is very weak to start with and will die in one hit. Of course, if you survive long enough to collect 5 bullets you will receive an extra energy box, but this level will take a while to get past if you are a first time BC player. There is a hallway in this level where you can safely and efficiently kill enemy paratrooper soldiers and quickly build your energy levels up. This place is pictured above. Once you get 3 or 4 energy bars it's probably safe to go on and finish the level. I would also recommend that you find an enemy convoy immediately after you finish this level so you can get a couple continues. This way, if you lose all of your men you can continue without beating Area 1 again.

Before you can fight the 1st Platoon at the end of this level, you must find the communication room and use the red (alpha) communicator to contact your allies. If you don't do this the boss door will be sealed shut.

Bionic Commando - Platoon
Once you get to the boss room you will face the 1st Platoon! Although you should kill any soldiers that get in your way, the object is to destroy the reactor on the far right. It will take close to 30 shots with the regular cannon to disrupt the reactor core, but once that is done you are finished with Area 1!
Bionic Commando - Pills
You will then receive the extremely useful Energy Recovery Pills. This item looks like a flask with green fluid inside. The pills allow you to refill your energy once within a level. This helps A LOT.

Overall, Area 1 is probably too difficult for the first level of a game, but once you get used to the bionic arm and its uses the level will be a piece of cake.

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