Area 10

Bionic Commando - Area 10

Area 10 is the first level of the final section of the game. It has very cool music and graphics, and you will meet the lazer cameras for the very first time! As you will find out, this level can be very difficult due to tricky maneuvers over spiked pits!

Bionic Commando - Area 10 Bionic Commando - Area 10

Area 10 is probably the hardest level in the game. It's not very long, but there are two very annoying sections which are pictured above for your viewing pleasure. You will definitely lose several men and continues on this level if this is your first time through the game. I still find that the timing on the part in upper right picture is tough, and I've beaten the game many times! Just make sure you bring the Orange (delta?) communicator with you or you'll have to start over on this level again. All I can say about this level is that practice makes perfect. You will eventually figure out a foolproof method for getting through this level, but it will take lots of practice. Bionic Commando - Pi-Pi-Pi Once you do finally make it to the boss room, you will face the PI-PI-PI defense mechanism. Luckily, this is one of the easier bosses to beat. All you have to do is get on the top-right platform, and move as close to the PI-PI-PI as you can without getting hit. Then just shoot when he moves into range! After that you can blast the reactor core, but the core will shoot at you. The core shooting is more of an annoyance than a serious danger. Bionic Commando - 1-UP Once the core is history, you will receive a 1-UP! I wasn't particularly excited when I got the 1-UP because it seemed like a small reward for beating such a hard stage! It's better than nothing I guess...

Overall, Area 10 is probably the hardest level in the game. It somehow manages to still be fun despite the insane difficulty. However, the theme here is PRACTICE! With practice this level will become much easier so don't give up!

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