Area 11

Bionic Commando - Area 11

Area 11 is one of my favorite levels in the game! I love the music, and the graphics are amazing for a game this old! This level is also very hard, but I always enjoy a good challenge.

Bionic Commando - Area 11

Area 11 is set in some kind of fiery inferno. The flames are animated, and the graphics here are amazing for the NES! This level requires a lot of swinging along ceilings. That is the only way to get past the first part of the level. Your timing must be perfect here or you will fall down, possibly in the fire, and you'll have to try again. Make sure you bring the Orange (Delta) communicator. Just remember to associate the orange flames with the orange comm and you'll never forget! The second part of this level requires more swingin' on the ceiling. There are cylinder shaped protrusions along the ceiling with each cylinder being higher than the last. It takes perfect timing to keep your swinging streak alive here. Bionic Commando - Lazer Cameras Once you get past all of this swingin', you can enter the boss room. Here you will face several lazer cameras, a guard, and a shooting core. It's pretty easy to do away with these enemies so you should be home free once you reach the boss room. Bionic Commando - BulletProof Vest After you fry the reactor core, you will receive the bullet-proof vest. This item will deflect bullets pretty well, but you will still be hurt by spikes and collisions with bad guys. Still, it's useful for saving a couple of energy units.

Overall, Area 11 is a cool, but difficult stage. It's not as hard as Area 10 in my opinion, but it's no pushover either. After this level, you are ready for the final area!

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