Area 12


Bionic Commando - Area 12

Area 12 is the final level in the game! It isn't the hardest level, but it is the longest. However, this area is very exciting due to all of the events that transpire as you work your way through the base. As a sidenote, I heartily recommend that you choose the rocket launcher for this mission.

Bionic Commando - Area 12

Area 12 has 3 major sections. In the first section, you must communicate using the Orange (Delta?) communicator. You then have to make your way to the boss room. You must travel downward in an area that has electrical impulses running through the floors. This will undoubtedly become irritating for first time players, but it's not really that difficult to avoid getting shocked. Once you blow the reactor away, you must communicate again and make your way through another electrical room! This time there is an annoying ball 'n' chain that will screw up your timing. Once you do get to the next boss room you will have to destroy that reactor as well. Now the only thing between you and the final section is a long hallway with spikes along the floor. Be very careful here!

If you get past the spikes, you will find yourself in a room with both Generalissimo Killt and (gasp!) Master-D! After listening to Killt's arrogant talk as he threatens your life and tells you that he has just cut of the switch to the revival device, something strange happens... Master-D somehow drains the power from Killt and escapes from the revival device! As Master-D walks toward you, you may notice that, besides walking with his chest stuck out too far, Master-D looks a little strange... Once his picture pops up you will see that Master-D is really Adolf Hitler! After spouting off very "Hitleresque" statements, Master-D says something that totally blew my mind way back in 1988/1989. Here is a graphic:

Bionic Commando - Revival Device Bionic Commando - Heh Heh

I was stunned by this use of profanity! It is very mild profanity, but how this got past Nintendo's censors is beyond me! At the time I was thinking "This is the coolest game I have ever played!". I don't use and don't like to hear profanity in general, but this was an exception! This statement really made Master-D's character believable, and anything less would have seemed out of place. After this display of "colorful" language, Master-D lets the ALBATROSS loose on you. If you didn't bring the rocket launcher with you you're screwed! The ALBATROSS is pretty difficult to hit at all, and it can take TONS of hits. Even with the rocket launcher, blowing the ALBATROSS to kingdom come will still take some time and patience.

Once the ALBATROSS is history, you have to catch Master-D before he escapes.

Bionic Commando - ALBATROS Bionic Commando - The Escape Chopper

After receiving a special Bazooka from HAL, you find out that Master-D is leaving via a chopper. It's your job to shoot through the cockpit of the chopper as you fall towards it.

If you miss, the chopper's machine gun will make mincemeat of you. If you time your shot perfectly, you will witness THE goriest (yet most satisfying) scene that I have ever witnessed in an NES game! Again, I don't see how this ever got past Nintendo's "Quality Assurance" crew, but I am glad it did.

Bionic Commando - Gore Fest

After you recover from the utter coolness of Hitler's ...uh... I mean Master-D's head exploding, you must escape with your life before the base explodes! This is pretty easy except for a single Giant Soldier who will try to prevent your escape. If you can get out in less than 60 seconds you can finally sit back and watch the rest.

Bionic Commando - Things Blowing Up!

The ending for this game (which includes much of the last level) is among the best I have ever seen on the NES. All the loose ends are tied up, and there are lots of nice graphics to look at. Although the ending is somewhat confusing at first, once you think about it you will understand what's going on. Well, I guess that's it for the game! I hope you enjoy Bionic Commando for many years to come.

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