Area 2

Bionic Commando - Area 2

Area 2 is one of my favorite levels in the game! I really like the music in this level, and the slime molds are cool! Slime molds? That's what I call the sliding piles of green goo that carry you around on this level. Although they can be slightly annoying, they look pretty cool!

Green is the theme in this level. The slime molds are green, the level has a greenish look, and the communicator you need is the green (Beta) one! The main idea in this level is to work your way past the slime molds. If they touch you, they will carry you around until you latch your bionic arm onto something and pull yourself out of the muck. This is easier said than done, and you will probably spend a lot of time retracing your steps due to getting grabbed by a slime mold and being carried back to an earlier part of the level.

Bionic Commando - Platoon Once you communicate and make your way to the boss room, you will face the 2nd Platoon! The leader actually says "Let's show them what the 2nd Platoon can do!". This is the only platoon in the game that is actually named. The 2nd Platoon is really a pushover though, and you should have the reactor blown up in no time. Bionic Commando - Pendant Once you do that you will receive the Pendant. The Pendant is useful for protecting you from bullets although its effectiveness is very limited. It's better than nothing though...

Overall, Area 2 is a fairly easy level, and it shouldn't take much effort to beat it. It is a very fun level, and it's one of the only levels with the slime molds!

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