Area 3

Bionic Commando - Area 3

Area 3 is divided into 2 sections: An outdoor section with nature to contend with and an indoor section that is quite dangerous. Just make sure you have the Green (Beta) communicator because you won't want to be forced to play the level over again due to having the wrong communicator...

Bionic Commando - Area 3 Bionic Commando - Area 3

The outdoor section is fairly difficult. You must first figure out how to swing over quicksand pits. Beginners will almost surely lose a few men here. One you get past the quicksand, you must make your way up to a door which leads to the second section of the level. That however, is easier said than done. Not only are there annoying spiders and butterflies to contend with, but there are man-eating plants that will kill you instantly if they catch you in their jaws. It will definitely take patience and several continues just to get past this section.

As if the first section isn't enough, the indoor section of this area is dangerous too! Bionic Commando - Pi-Pi-Pi It's not too bad until you get near the boss room. There you will have to contend with some very timing-critical swings. If your timing isn't perfect, you will fall onto the spikes below and probably die. If you do get past this part, you will face the PI-PI-PI defense mechanism. I always swing up to the top platform and get close to the PI-PI-PI. From there it can't hit you, but you can hit it! Bionic Commando - Rapid Fire Once you dispose of the PI-PI-PI and wreck the reactor, you will receive the Rapid Fire Device. In my opinion this item isn't very useful, but give it a try and see what you think.

Overall, Area 3 one of the harder levels in the game, and it is definitely harder than any of the lower numbered levels. However, it does break you in for the next level: Area 6...

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