Area 4

Bionic Commando - Area 4

Area 4 is in a cave, and without flares you will not be able to see much. You can obtain flares from Neutral Area 13. However, they are not absolutely necessary; you just won't be able to see very well...

Bionic Commando - Area 4

Area 4 is an enemy military complex that is located within a cavernous labyrinth. The first thing you must decide when entering this level is whether or not to bring flares. If you do bring flares, you will be able to see very well, but you won't be able to carry your energy recover pills. On the other hand, if you don't bring flares you can bring the pills. You will still be able to see spikes and doors, but it will be harder to see enemies. Try it both ways to see which works better for you. When I first played this level I preferred bringing the pills because the boss at the end is hard to beat without losing several energy boxes.

Although this level is pretty straightforward, there are a few tricky parts near the end. You will need to bring the Red (Alpha) communicator with you. Bionic Commando - Wired Gunner Once you reach the boss room, you will face the Wired Gunner. It takes 3 hits to kill him with the normal cannon, but what makes him difficult to beat is his shield and wire. The shield will deflect any shots aimed at his front so you will have to shoot him in the back. However, he is equipped with a wire that shoots upwards. This wire makes it difficult to get behind him. I usually just run directly into him and get behind him while I am still invincible. In order for this to work you must have more energy that he does. Of course, you don't really have to fight him; you can just blast away at the reactor, but I like to kill him because his wire can get extremely annoying! Bionic Commando - Wide Cannon Once you've blown the reactor core, you will receive the Wide Cannon. The Wide Cannon shoots 3 directions but has very short range.

Overall, Area 4 isn't too difficult, but the boss is very annoying. Some people prefer to bring flares to this Area, but they are not necessary. I actually prefer to bring the Energy Recovery Pills instead.

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