Area 5

Bionic Commando - Area 5

Area 5 is a very cool looking stage because the sun is setting, and the sky looks orange. The music also sets the tone rather well. It sounds sort of foreboding in a miltaristic way.

Bionic Commando - Area 5

Area 5 is basically just a very tall building. You must use your bionic arm to climb and swing your way to the top. This building is so tall that you will find 2 communication rooms along the way! You will need the Red (Alpha) communicator for both of these rooms. At first, climbing this building isn't too difficult. However, once you start getting higher up, these helicopter-men with energy beams will do their best to knock you down. These helicopter-men will aim their energy beams downwards and move in a sweeping motion from side to side. If you are not fast enough at climbing up, they will "sweep" you right back down! There are also some devices in strategic locations that can unhook your bionic arm from its hold. This will also deter you as you try to climb up this building.

Bionic Commando - Pi-Pi-Pi Once you reach the top you can enter the boss room. Here you will face the PI-PI-PI defense system for the first time. It moves up and down in front of the reactor. I always climb up to the platform and get as close to the PI-PI-PI as possible and shoot it. From there you can shoot it, but it can't shoot you! Once you have dispatched the PI-PI-PI, you can fire at will on the reactor core. Bionic Commando - Rocket Launcher Once the reactor is blown, you will receive the Rocket Launcher. In my opinion the Rocket Launcher is the best weapon in the game. It can only fire one shot at a time, but its power is tremendous! One shot can be used to mow down 4 or 5 enemies in a row because the rocket will penetrate most enemies and just keep going.

Overall, Area 5 is a very nice looking and awesome sounding stage. It is somewhat frustrating to climb up to the top, but it's not overly difficult. However, receiving the Rocket Launcher at the end is well worth the trouble.

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