Area 7

Bionic Commando - Area 7

Area 7 is located in a well protected area. First you must travel through caves, and then you must reach an isolated building by swinging. Super Joe is being held in this area. Oh yeah, make sure you bring the 3-Way Gun too because you'll have to destroy a barrier with it before you can go anywhere.

Bionic Commando - Area 7

In order to reach the building in which Super Joe is being held you must first pass through some man-made caves. Before you can do that you need to destroy a barrier with the 3-Way Cannon. The caves are guarded by vehicles that look like bulldozers with guns mounted on them. These vehicles can be aggravating, but if you are quick enough you can get rid of them without taking a hit. Once you get out of the caves you have to climb up on some platforms and swing to the isolated building on the far left. This is difficult because there are several flying vehicles that shoot at you as you climb. These vehicles also hover above you which impedes your upward progress. Once you do get to the top of the platforms, you have to swing your way to the left. Hopefully you have perfected your timing with the bionic arm because nothing less than perfect timing will do here. One mistake and you'll fall down and will have to go through the whole climbing process again! Make sure you have the Blue (Gamma) communicator too or you'll have to start the level over.

Bionic Commando - Giant Soldier Once you finally reach the far left building, you will face the Giant Soldier again. If you have the 3-Way Gun you will definitely want to kill the Giant Soldier before taking out the reactor. If you have the Rocket Launcher you can just go for the reactor. However, you will most likely have the 3-Way Gun. Bionic Commando - Super Joe Once you beat the Giant Soldier and destroy the reactor core you will rescue Super Joe! After apologizing for being so much trouble, Joe tells you about a machine gun in Neutral Area 18. He tells you that a man named Destroyer-3 has the gun. Joe then says he is headed for Area 12. You don't receive any items for beating this level, but you do rescue Joe and find out where to get the machine gun! You will also be given access to Areas 10,11, and 12!

Overall, Area 7 is a fairly short level, but what is there is also fairly difficult. From this point on all the levels will be very difficult so be prepared!

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