Area 8

Bionic Commando - Area 8

Area 8 is a maze-like level that you will probably be lost in for a good while. It has varied graphics, and it also has unique music playing in the background. This music can only be heard in Area 8! However, you will probably be in this level so long that the music will begin to grate on your eardrums!

Bionic Commando - Area 8 Bionic Commando - Area 8

Area 8 is the first level you will come to after completing the first "section" (Areas 1-6) of the game. As I mentioned above, this area is very mazelike. The challenge here is figuring out where to go! There are two communication rooms that you will have to visit, and make sure you have the Blue (Gamma) communicator. One of these rooms is at the top of a spiked pit, and the other is in a blue looking area where you will find remote control bombers and blue bomber soldiers. The comm room is in the upper middle part of this room. Once you communicate in both of these rooms you will be able to go in the boss room. There is an area that I would like to point out here. As soon as you start this level, if you go all the way up and to the right, you will find yourself in the hallway pictured above. This is an excellent place to collect bullets. I usually max my energy out to 8 units here. It will take several minutes to do this, but it is worth it and will make things easier later on.

Bionic Commando - Platoon Once you find the boss room, you will face the 3rd Platoon! This platoon is tougher than previous ones but can still be defeated fairly easily. Watch out for the shielded soldiers though. They can be tough to beat and will do their best to prevent you from destroying the reactor. Bionic Commando - Iron Boots Once you thrash the reactor, you will receive the Iron Boots. The Iron Boots allow you to kill most enemies by swinging into them. Swinging into a soldier will allow you to kick him with your boots, thus killing him quickly and efficiently. Although this is very cool, I still prefer to carry the Energy Recovery Pills in most cases. You should at least try the Iron Boots on for a level or two because it is pretty fun to dispatch enemies by swinging into them!

Overall, Area 8 is a fairly difficult level mainly because of its mazelike layout. You will undoubtedly spend a great deal of time in this level due to this enigmatic nature. However, you can easily build your commando up to his maximum energy level here so make sure you do that. It will help you tremendously in later levels.

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