Area 9

Bionic Commando - Area 9

Area 9 is the disposal area and supposed location of Super Joe. This level is fairly short and easy, but that's probably because Joe has been moved to Area 7. Still, this level is enjoyable if only because of the carts you get to ride on near the end.

Bionic Commando - Area 9

Area 9 starts you out in some kind of disposal area. This isn't immediately apparent, but once you get further along you will see that this is the case. The first part of this level is rather easy except for a tricky bionic arm maneuver and the new type of soldier that can pull himself up to the ceiling with a bionic device of his own. Once you get past this part you will reach the communication room. Make sure you bring the Blue (Gamma) communicator with you. After you communicate, you will make your way past the waste dump carts. These can be mildly annoying, but once you land yourself on the right one you can basically ride it almost to the end. Bionic Commando - Platoon Once you do reach the boss room, you will face the 4th Platoon! The leader of this platoon will inform you that Joe has been moved. I think they were expecting you because this platoon is more dangerous than previous ones. However, it's still not too hard if you are packing the rocket launcher! With it, you will make quick work of any reactor core. Bionic Commando - 3-Way Gun Once you've wrecked the core, you will receive the 3-Way Gun which isn't that great, but it is necessary to blast the barrier in Area 7.

Overall, Area 9 is one of the easier levels, but you cannot save Super Joe until it is destroyed. You do receive the 3-Way Gun upon completion of this level, but I don't really like that gun very much. Maybe you will.

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