Borrowing Stuff

If you wish to use images, MIDIs, MODs, or anything else from the Bionic Commando HQ on your own web page, PLEASE ASK FIRST! It takes a lot of work to capture and retouch images from the games, and it takes even more time to sequence a MIDI or MOD by ear since there is no sheet music. Like I said, ask before you use. I ask that you give me credit in some way, shape, or form on your website if you do use some of my stuff. It's standard internet etiquette (netiquette) to do this. Let me reiterate. I am not a jerk who doesn't want to share! I just don't want to get ripped off because it takes a lot of work to create nice stuff for a web site.

Also, if you do get permission to use files from this site, please save a copy of those files on YOUR server space. Linking directly to the files on my server may save you space on your server, but it is a poor practice in general to do this. Not only will it slow down the loading of your page, but it will also place extra load on my server. There are special cases where it may be permissible to do this, but in general I forbid it.

Thanks for reading!

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