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Braden's BC Story: Hitler and Chaplain... Separated at Birth?

I first read about BC in Nintendo Power. It looked right up my alley. My brother confirmed my anticipation by saying the arcade version was awesome. I rented the game forever until I finally completed it. Truth is, when I first completed the game, my friends and I were convinced that the final boss had to represent Hitler. Who else could it be? Chaplain? Anyway I had my Dad actually buy the game for me after I completed it. I proceeded to conquer it time and time again.

Japanese Version
Japanese version: Notice the Nazi symbols.

Eventually I found the Japanese version. That is where my theory was proven correct. It was/is indeed Hitler. I enjoyed playing that version more due to the fact of the History behind Hitler. I hated the enemy more in this version. It was slightly more difficult. The only other difference that I can remember is that the first stage didn't have certain obstacle that the US had.

Gameboy Bionic Commando Logo

Then I found the GB version. Awesome game. My only problem with it was that it was on GB. You probably feel the way I do. Where oh where has this Classic been? We needed a sequel long ago on the NES, SNES, and possibly a bitchin' version on the PSX. Also this game series is ranked 2nd on my list of all time games behind my favorite series Castlevania. That says a lot for only having a handful of games.

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