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Chris' Bionic Commando Holiday

I was 12 in 1990, when I first saw Bionic Commando in the game rental stores. I never found it for sale until Boxing Day of 1990, so before then, I would rent it like once a month. My favourite games at the time were definitely Mega Man 2, and Mega Man, but also Journey to Silius, because I loved the music.

MegaMan 1 graphic MegaMan 2: Bubble Man Stage

Anyway, after I bought BC on Boxing day, I was really happy. But I couldn't play it at my dad's house (where I was staying for the holidays) because the power was out all over the island on which we were staying. So, we were getting terrible cabin fever, having to play cards and read (I pored over every page of my EGMs till I was sick). After New Year's day of 1991, I finally came home and was able to play my NES again. So, for two solid days, my brother and I were the only ones in our house, and I played Mega Man 2 and Bionic Commando (and Batman as well) for two straight days. I finished both MM2 and BC for the first time then. The snow was falling outside as I enjoyed my victories. That was great!

Batman fighting the Joker...  NES version Bionic Commando: The ALBATROS!

I, too, was amazed by the ending to BC. The entire last level of the game was intense, with perfectly fitting music. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to destroy the Albatross machine, but now I pretty much know the pattern. As for Hitler coming out of the cryogenic tank, I really found that amazing. I thought it was great that Capcom had the guts to get this, and his "swearing" past the conservative assholes at Nintendo. Hitler's gory explosion was the icing on the cake! I was really amazed when that happened. I think that BC is the coolest, and most involving game that I've played, and that's thanks to its great storyline and non-linear gameplay.

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