Enemy Convoys

Bionic Commando - Convoy (Blue) Bionic Commando - Convoy (Red)

There are 2 basic types of convoy in Bionic Commando (although there is a secret 3rd type). One is set in a bluish background, and the other is set in a more brownish background. Each convoy has many soldiers to fight and 2 power enemies. In the blue convoy, the power enemy is a jeep with 2 guys in it that shoot at you. In the brown convoy, you will face a shielded soldier with a powerful gun. If you kill these power enemies, you will receive what looks like a pair of wings with a "T" in the middle. These are continues. You can have up to nine of them at once, and you can always refill on them when you get low.

The convoy stages take an overhead vertical scrolling view similar to Ikari Warriors or Capcom's own Commando. The bionic arm serves to repel enemies and bullets here. You can choose which weapon you will take to these convoys, but the machine gun is probably the most effective weapon for these stages. To put it in my old friend Kerry Wilkie's words, "It eats'em up!". That it does my friend. The rocket launcher is also a good choice because it penetrates enemies and keeps right on going just like the energizer bunny! Overall, Convoy stages are simple, but fun stages that are only dangerous if you have less than 2 or 3 energy boxes. Still, they are useful for collecting continues which are absolutely necessary although I have beaten the game without continuing a single time!

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