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Craig's Tale of a 7th Grade Gamer

First Level

I borrowed the game from a friend in the 7th grade, after I'd had my Nintendo for about 3 months. I loved the arm. It was so nifty to swing around. I thought they could have released this game as Spider Man if it looked different. It took about 4 hours of solid play to master the arm. After that, I was off to the races. I played it on Friday afternoon after school, for about 8 hours straight. Played it all the next day as well, for 10 hours or so. FinalIy, on Sunday, I played for another 9 hours and got all the way through the game. I was 13 years old, somewhat advanced for my age. I noticed all the Nazi references, and hooted and hollered when Hitler finally appeared. It was like an Indiana Jones thing.

Definitely had the best ending ever in a video game. The play mechanic was and still is unique. You really get a sense of flinging yourself into space. And tonight when I was playing on my emulator, I noticed that the graphics are very well done. They still hold up as pleasing to the eye, whereas some old games I look at and wonder how I could ever stand to play them for hours on end.

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