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Dan's Recollection of the Fearsome Exploding Head

I remember in 1988 when Bionic Commando first came out. I was about six years old at the time. My brother (who was eleven) bought it, and we brought it home to play immediately. Our NES was relatively new, so it worked. I was very interested in the concept (Wow! You can swing like Indiana Jones!), and I couldn't keep away from it. The story line is equivalent to any modern day RPG, it is that good. Although the action seemed simple, it wasn't. I remember shouting at the TV whenever Ladd (yes, that was his name in the NES version. Go watch the ending) decided to want to be a pain in the ass at area 6, when, even with perfect timing, didn't want to grasp a hold of the blocks to get me to the tower to get to the giant soldier.

The Dreaded Area 6...

Of course, I was young at this time, and didn't catch the Hitler or Nazi references (I did pick up on the thing that was called the Nazz's secret plans in the instruction booklet. In the game, they weren't called the Nazz, but were instead called the Badds), and had no idea of Nintendo's censoring rules. I remember laughing when Master-D said "What, you're going to fight me? You damn fool." Now, as I have played it again on my NES and my 486, I now realize, as a writer, it fits his character quite well, and after having a few years of history, connected him to Adolph Hitler. In the last part, when you had to shoot out Master-D's chopper, I remember his face exploding. When I was six, this image didn't leave, and it actually gave me a few scares at night. Now, looking at it again, I find it quite funny how one of his eyeballs go in a different direction than the other when his face becomes blotches of red.

Bionic Commando - Gore Fest

Now, I find myself playing BC more and more. It was a game that didn't get the praise it deserved. I recently wrote a fanfic for someone that had the main character having a Bionic arm, similar to the one in bionic commando. Maybe when I get around to writing my really really long story when they time travel, they'll visit the time frame of Bionic Commando, and pay a good ole visit to that "damn fool."

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