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Bionic Commando - Famicom Ver Box Art

The Japanese title for the NES version of Bionic Commando is "Top Secret - Hitler's Revival", and the enemies in the Japanese game were Neo-Nazis named after WW2 Nazi generals. I don't know about you, but wouldn't it have been nice if in the the US version the names hadn't been changed? Let's face it; Master-D is a pretty lame title for a character that obviously is supposed to be Adolf Hitler. What about the Badds? Why couldn't Capcom just leave things alone and call that group the Nazis just like in the Japanese version? How about Generalissimo Killt? Using a real WW2 Nazi general's name would have been much more effective and less cheesy. I know that gameplay is the thing that counts, but little things like names of characters really do make a difference if only a minute one.

Differences in the Japanese Version

Info provided by Zexyz

Difference Screenshot
Swastica's are everywhere in this game. Click for Swastica screenshot
Land Mines?! Sure, in Japan. Click to see Area 7 land mines
The Japanese version of Area 3 is very strange. It takes some fancy swinging to reach that 1-Up. There are several new 1-Ups throughout the game as well. Click to see Area 3
These rocks have to be knocked out of the way using the bionic arm at a few points in Area 4. Click to see Area 4 rocks
In swamp and tunnel convoys, several enemies jump you at the beginning of the battle. There is also a commander at the end of each convoy. Click for convoy battles
I can't read Japanese, but in one area there seems to be a friendly chat with the red general. Click to see general
What's that doing here? (Exterminators must be tough to find in Japan) Click to see a bug indoors
This scene is much more dramatic in the Japanese game. You actually have to beat this prisoner with the arm to get him to talk. You also have the option of just shooting him... This doesn't open the tunnels, but it's worth the look on the private's face. I'd like to try this one...
Now why did they take this out? Here's a modified emulator screenshot from the US version showing a big difference in the Communications Room: Flashing. Click to see the flashing comm lights

Other Little Things

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