Bionic Commando Fan Art

Welcome to the Bionic Commando fan art page! The purpose of this page is to provide a showcase for Bionic Commando fans to view the artwork created by other fans. If you have any artwork you wish to showcase, e-mail me so I can put it up here. Thanks and enjoy! (sounds like a beer commercial)

Artwork Artist Description
bionic2.jpg Dyslexic DJ This is one fan's vision of what the Bionic Commando 2 character should look like! Very nicely drawn.
bc1.jpg Holm This one is a cool anime style portrait of the Captain in the NES version.
bc2.jpg Holm I call this one Swingin' in the Breeze. The name says it all!
bc2.jpg Nintendo Power This one was a foldout poster from Nintendo Power magazine.

If you like the two pics by Holm, check out Anime With Style!

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