Back in the Dayz:

Ian's Recollection of the Good Old Dayz

Yes, yes. A long time ago back in the day when the land was fertile, and the water was good to drink. When the grass was green and the animals played in the fields. When the games were good and hard to beat. The times when nothing... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, was better than Nintendo (except for GOD of course) came along a game by the name of Bionic Commando. Capcom, being one of the many companies out there on Nintendo that actually produced quality games, was a well trusted company considering it had released such innovative gold such as Strider, the Megaman series and the entire Disney Afternoon( which was the SHIT at that time.Ducktales-WHOOHOO!!!!).

Intro sentence...

Every Friday night at the time, for me was a local video store (Crossbay Video, before Blockbuster Video came along and stole the spotlight in 1990) game rental night, in which I personally evaluated some the most legendary games ever released for the Nintendo. Bionic Commando was no exception to that at all. I remember the beginning. " I'll talk about a person I met when I was young..." Man, in those days...I thought you could only say cool stuff like that in the movies! The music and the graphics (I still think Capcom was ahead of its time... look at Megaman 1-6) were simply amazing and they really fit the heroic/near-futuristic/troubled-times-at-war motif. And as you progressed further, the certain stages with the sunset and the music changes swooping you into the feeling of anxiety the story compels you into.......WHEW!

Area 5 sunset

Yep. Those where the days. I had thought it was because I was a little kid but it's not. I recently bought the game from a local used Nintendo game store, and again I was not diappointed. In fact...I appreciate the game (as well as many others) even more because I can actually understand the significance of what the story was trying to bring across. You can't tell me you weren't scared shitless when you wiretapped, and you were discovered by the Badds and that alarm started goin' off, and then you run and shoot outta there like high hell, then you heard the screams of Charlie as the enemy tore through his defenseless body, and the explosions of th-......uh, yes..AHEM....Bionic Commando is a GAME, you say? That's right. I knew it ALL along. I was just testing you. Heh, heh. My buddy says its time to take my medicine and lie down...

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