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Jason... A Bionic Commando Fan For Life

As for my experiences, I remember back in elementary school when my friend brought a Nintendo Power in with a review of Bionic Commando. I immediately knew I had to play this game. About two weeks later, my friend (he used to get every single NES game) got it and after he beat it, he gave it to me to borrow.

The map is cool!

As soon as I first saw the map screen I knew I was in for something unique. Choosing the weapons and other stuff was SO awesome! Then trying out the bionic arm was the next test. At first I got really angry that I kept falling in the water....but, I persevered, and when I got it down, I realized the genius of this game. The first time I saw the seaport level I was amazed. The enemy characters were unique, too...especially the way they looked in the instruction manual.

Remember the last level? How awesome was that? And the Hitler-esque Master-D, remember him? I remember being amazed that the word "damn" was allowed in a NES game! Albatross was a challenge, but in the end, it was all worth it. Remember at the very end of the game's ending, when Joe signed his name? Am I the only one that sat there and just watched in awe, thinking of all the great moments from the game? Ah, nostalgia.

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A BC fan till I die,
Jason Allen

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