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Jim's Story of Solace and Silence

Stuck on Level 1

The name's Jim. I'll tell you the story of my first BC experience. It was the summer of 88' (or 89', something like that) anyway I was at my super cool cousin's house (I say that because he had an impressive amount of NES games) so I look around in this pile of games to play... Hmm... what's this? Bionic Commando huh? Being 6 I was floored by the awesome graphics, sound, etc. But what hooked me was the coolest thing I ever saw that you could do in a game at the time... the BIONIC ARM!!! I was hooked (pun intended!) even though I couldn't beat the first level... Well I rented it a lot after that, but then I couldn't find it any more ... Flash forward to 1997: At the time I had in my posession the redesigned NES and a strange urge to go to my local game store. As soon as I enter the place my eyes fall on the NES games. And there, right between Blaster Master (which I also bought) was the game of my youth, BC . Now I have beat it after NINE years of solace and silence...

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