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Kartune'z BC Experience: Better Late Than Never!

Michael Harrison Dios, April 2nd, 1998

It all started out in 1988, I bought my first NES machine, and two games with it, which are: Rolling Thunder (By Namco, distributed by Tengen), and River City Ransom. Rolling Thunder was my favorite game of them all. But, I hated the fact that all the character's legs were so tall. I mean, God!

Rolling Thunder for NES

And River City Ransom is about this guy that takes over a high school and some guys go to stop him. Then the next day, I bought Strider, the game where you're the guy with the sword. I liked it for a little, but then it started to get boring. Then in 1993, my favorite game changed to Mega Man. And I loved it! I wanted to get all his games and merchandise. The next day I was bored and went upstairs to play Pitfall on the Atari 2600, which is similar to BC, not to mention the parts where you must swing across the holes in the ground. Then I went to the arcade to play Street Fighter, another game by Capcom. And then when I was done: I went home to take a nap.

But enough of the non-related BC stuff. Back in 1997: I had just finished playing Donkey Kong on the Commodore Amiga, Then I went to Barnes and Noble to get a magazine, and I got the latest issue of PSM (PlayStation Magazine) because it had a story on the new Mega Man games: Neo and X4. I wanted to see X4's story the most, then, as I'm strolling through the pages, I stop at the classic section, and I see a game called Bionic Commando, and I'm going like, what the heck is Bionic Commando? And underneath it, it said: The "bionic arm" is still a unique idea, and still great fun. Then the next day: I was looking through some old magazines and I see Bionic Commando again! And then I'm stamping my feet going like: I have to buy this game! It's so popular, so I'm going to buy it! And then I went to FuncoLand to get BC, but I wanted to test it first, and then I'm playing it, and I'm thinking to myself, This is ridiculous! I'm controlling some guy that can't jump? It was very hard at first. But I still bought it anyway. And when I got to Area 6, it was impossible at first, but the next couple of weeks: I made it through in no time! The next month, I went to my Uncle Fred's house and brought some of my games with me, and I made it to the last level (Area 12). I saw Killt die, and some guy walks out, and when I see a close up on his face: I'm going like, WHOA! Check it out! That guy looks like Hitler! And I cracked up when he said Damn Fool. Because he was cursing. Not to mention the scene where you break the car in the Super NES game of 1992: Final Fight. And then I had to fight the Albatross, which was very difficult, but I beat it. And when I hit the helicopter in the cock-pit I even cracked up more because I saw Hitler's head explode! And I had 30 seconds left on the part where you have to escape. And I felt happy. I also felt touched when I saw the soldiers cheering for me in the end sequence.

Cheering you on!

I was even happier. Bionic Commando has been one of my favorite games of all time for years, and it still is today. I hope that someday, Capcom will make a new version of Bionic Commando.

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