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Kartune's Gameboy BC Experience

N.A.R.C.  This game kicks butt on 2 player mode!

After my experience with BC on the NES, I went over to my friend's house to see some new games he rented, Rockin' Katz, N.A.R.C., 1942 and some others... We played N.A.R.C. for hours. We couldn't stop. We played Rockin' Katz a lot also... But, 1942 was a little difficult. After that, we went to the arcade to play... MARVEL VS. CAPCOM! The guy from Bionic Commando is in that also, but they don't have any of his moves or pictures of him on the MVC sites. But I heard he was really strong!!!!

Capcom's 1942 for NES Rockin' Kats:  Borrows some elements from Bionic Commando

The next day, I went to a video store to get some used games. I bought N.A.R.C. and Rockin' Katz for 25 cents.. (Pretty cheap, huh). And then I saw Bionic Commando for Game Boy in the rack.. I looked at it for a moment, and I said to myself, What the hell. I picked it up and bought all three games. Right when I got home, I popped Bionic Commando into the Super Game Boy.. The box looked kinda neat. And when I started playing, they finally told me my guy's name. I got to Area 8 (The one where you get captured) and then it showed a scene of your guy in a prison cell. The door explodes, and a chick comes to rescue me, and I finally beat the level.

Rad Spencer!

This one is better in many ways, because you start with three hit points, but in the NES, you only start with one. Now Bionic Commando is #1 on my top ten favorites list. Well done Capcom..


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