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Kurt's Bionic Commando Dayz

I first played Bionic Commando at a babysitter's house. I went there quite often because my mother worked, and the only person my age in the house was a girl (which, at that time, was EEEEHHHH, GIRLS! Hey, I was in fourth grade!) Anyway, I spent a lot of time playing on her older brother's Nintendo...this was where I was introduced to three of my favorite games of all time: Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania (later leading to my web page!) and Bionic Commando. The initial idea put me off...YOU COULDN'T JUMP???!!? But I soon got a hold of the game and loved it.

Bionic Commando: Area 6Bionic Commando: Area 11

I got up to that one area that was dark and had stars all over, and usually got stuck there. It was (and still is) rather hard. With lots of practice and continue-gaining, I plodded on, even though I got told by their mother to shut the NES off every once in awhile to do something else. :\ Eventually, I reached that one fire level, which was really short but hard. I don't think I was able to beat the game until I brought my Game Genie over (although I did see the girl's older brother beat it for me when I got to the last level.)

Skip ahead to December 1996. At K-Mart, my brother was looking for something for Christmas for me. Well, I suggested Bionic Commando since I loved it so much when I was younger. It was one of the first presents I opened and I beat it that night. I still play it through every once in awhile....awesome game!

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