Bionic Commando - The Captain

Here is a list of links to my favorite websites. They are all excellent so you should visit them all!

Other BC Related Sites

The Almighty Guru's Bionic Commando Site (This site is incredible!)

Hal's Bionic Commando Website (Really funny site)

Gamefaqs Bionic Commando Message Board (Great place for BC fans to hang out!)

OverClocked ReMix (Has some nice BC music remixes)

Other Game Specific Sites

The CastleVania Dungeon (CastleVania fans look no further)

Dracula's Curse (A unique website for Castlevania 3 with really cool stuff)

The Ninja Gaiden Homepage (Excellent site devoted to some of the best games ever!)

RPGamer (The site formerly known as Square Net)

The Mushroom Kingdom (A great Mario site with lots of cool stuff!)

The Blaster Master Next Generation Petition Home Page (If you loved Blaster Master check this site out!)

The Blaster Master Underground (This site is the premier Blaster Master website)

The Rolling Thunder Online Resource (Go here for all of your Rolling Thunder needs)

NES sites

TSR's NES archive (Really cool NES site)

Other Sites I Frequently Visit

Dman's Game Domain (My personal website)

IGN (One of my favorites!)

Video Game Review (A nice site that covers games for PSX, Saturn, and N64. It also has a killer links page!)

GamerBase (Very cool gaming site!)

Video Game Ownage (My Game Video Site!)

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