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Mark's Bionic Commando Dayz

First off, my first game for Nintendo was Commando, another game by Capcom. I played it a lot, even though it wasn't that good. I also played the arcade version. My dad and I would go to the Jersey shore and the boardwalk that was there in Wildwood Crest, NJ. I always went to the arcades there. I guess you can say it's rare for someone to play the arcade version of Bionic Commando before the NES version, but it happened to me. I walked in the arcade and looked around for a fun game to play. Then I saw Bionic Commando. I thought, "Wow, the sequel to Commando!" Since I was a Commando fan at the time, that's what I thought. I don't remember how the game was, or how many times I played it (maybe a couple) but I do remember I liked it. I was about 9 or 10 at the time.

Later on that year I saw Bionic Commando for the NES at Caldors. So I got it. On the car ride home I had already finished reading the instruction manual. I knew it was way different from the arcade version, although I noticed something strange on the back of the box. It had a screen shot from the arcade version on it! I knew it was some kind of error or something, have you seen this or remember this? But I wanted the game anyway because I still always thought it was "The sequel to Commando", and the review in Nintendo Power also helped my decision. So I brought it home and popped it in and started playing it. At first it was hard to get the "hang" of using the arm, but I learned quickly and started playing. I was young at the time, so the story really didn't click for me, and the Nazi references flew by my head. But as I got older I enjoyed it more and more. The only problems I had were moving from different areas, but I soon got over that. I always played it but always got stuck on level 6.

Bionic Commando: Area 6

During Easter that year I brought my Nintendo with me and my games over to my grandparents house, so me and my cousin could play games. I started playing BC and he watched. I guess he liked it also and bought it as well. I played it a lot still, but couldn't get past level 6! So during the summer I went to my cousin's house and played it with him. I was shocked when I noticed he reached level 8, since that was the part of the game when the story gets better. He played and I helped him with my BC knowledge. It was kind of sad watching the game get closer to being finished, and plus he was the one playing. But the story towards the end is so excellent, it was kind of like watching a movie in a sense, and it was very entertaining. We rescued Super Joe, and got the machine gun, but it wasn't as good as what happens in level 12, probably one of my favorite levels. We entered the base and contacted Super Joe. There are two barriers we must destroy, so we had to find the power systems and destroy them. Now comes the best part of the game. We met Kilt and and he dies by the cryogenic chamber, and Master-D comes out. My cousin points out, "Hey, doesn't he look like Hitler?" He did, but I didn't know too much about the Nazis at that age, so I thought it was a coincidence. We laughed when he said 'damn' because, hey, it was a video game, and damn was considered a borderline word at that age.

Bionic Commando: Cursing!

But then there was the mighty Albatross. This took a very long time to beat. We probably spent an hour trying to defeat it. Then it was the coolest part of the game, and any NES game of that time, Master-D's head exploding! It was so cool! Another hard part was aiming at the cockpit. It was hard then, but now I can do it on one try. The ending was kind of sad in a way, the same feeling I guess when you finish a really good book. You just want it to go on forever. I still play the game a lot, and never do I get tired of it. The story wraps up so perfectly at the end of the game. Bionic Commando was and still is my favorite game of all time. The plot, structure, and of course game play can not be beat.

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