Bionic Commando Music

Right now I am working on MIDIs for every level, and the ones that are finished are listed below with names that I have given to them. Each MIDI is also on its corresponding level page. I don't plan to make any MODs, S3Ms, ITs, or XMs, but if you have one feel free to send it to me so I can post it here. The same goes for any MIDIs you might have. Enjoy, but note (pun intended) that I am not a trained musician so these MIDIs could be better! I have also added a few MIDIs that were not made by me so check those out too!

All NES tunes originally composed by Gondamin

Song Name Sequenced By Comments
Bionic March Mix! (Area 1) (NEW) Chris St.Germain The Area 1 music is one of the more popular tunes to remix. It's so memorable and fits the game well! Anyway, this mix is awesome and has a great electronic groove. Check it out!
Anguish... Juan Rosario This is an excellent new arrangment of the Anguish tune which I often call "Mary, Mary!". Give it a listen!
Area 1 Arrangement! Teemu Rantanen This MP3 is a great arrangement of the Bionic March theme from Area 1. This guy has his own band so if you're interested in more of his music then click on his name!
Area 1 Remix! Jamus McDohl This MP3 is a remixed version of the Bionic March theme from Area 1. It sounds really cool so download it now!
Level 8 Music! Patrick Dubuque I was going to make my own MIDI of the Level 8 song, but I found this one before I had the chance. It sounds great so I probably won't make my own version. This tune is one of the most interesting in the game!
Overhead Battle Ryu Hokoru This is the music that plays in the overhead action sequences that occur when you encounter a convoy. This song is short, but so is the overhead level!
Slime Molds! (enhanced) Dman Thanks goes to Venom for suggesting the improvements on this MIDI. It sounds awesome on a wavetable soundcard or a computer with Wingroove.
Intro Song Bendshadler This is the song that is played during the NES version introduction. It's not my favorite tune, but it does set the mood nicely.
Bionic March Dman This is my own crappy version of the song that you hear the most in Bionic Commando for the NES. It is also heard in Stage 2 of the Arcade version! I made this before I heard Rabiteman's arrangement of this tune, and his really shows what an amateur I am. Still, this one is fairly faithful to the original so it's worth a listen.
Bionic March Rabiteman What can I say about this one except that it sounds incredible! It switches instruments several times in order to provide a more diverse range of timbres. I definitely recommend a Wavetable sound card or Wingroove with this one.
Neutral Zone Dman This is the song that is played in the Neutral Zones. I enhanced it a little, but for the most part it sounds almost identical to the NES version. Give it a listen!
Slime Molds! (old version) Dman I sequenced this one before I got Wingroove so I was tuning it on a FM Synthesis sound card! Surprisingly it sounds OK with Wavetable voices, but I think the enhanced version is better.
Mary, Mary! (version1) Dman This one is a somewhat foreboding tune. I really like it, but for some reason this song seems to be played on the most difficult levels of BC for the NES. Hmmm....
Mary, Mary! (version2) Dman This has the same notes as version one of Mary, but the instrument patches have been changed to give it a more modern sound.
Chopper Hoppin' Dman This is the song that plays on the map screen of the NES version of Bionic Commando. It doesn't sound too great, but at least it is recognizable...
Arcade: Level 1 Origin Unknown I have no idea who sequenced this one, but I figured it deserved a place here at the Bionic Commando HQ! I find this one mildly irritating.
Arcade: Level 1 (enhanced) Enhanced by Metool This is the same tune as the above MIDI, but the instruments have been modified to provide a different sound. The original sequencer is unknown...

In case you are curious, I will explain where those oddball names came from. The first theme, Bionic March, always sounded like the kind of music that you would march to. I used to be in the Junior High marching band, and we sometimes played music like this.

The Slime Molds music is so named because it is first heard in a stage where you meet the slime molds. Slime molds? That is what my old friend Kerry and I used to call the moving piles of goo that carry you around. Comprende?

The song Mary, Mary! is a somewhat ominous and sad sounding song. People who know me personally will attest to the fact that I sing along with game music and sometimes improvise lyrics that spring out of the dark recesses of my so called brain. For some reason I sing the words mary, mary in several places in this song. Don't ask why because I don't know the answer myself...

Chopper Hoppin' is a name that I just thought up this very moment! This is the tune that is played on the map screen. My MIDI of this song really sucks, but I put it on here anyway. I had a really hard time sequencing this one because the notes are played too fast for me to hear them long enough to cement them in my brain. Since I must sequence these MIDIs by ear, this is a problem. Too bad I can't slow it down...

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