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Nate's Bionic Commando Story

I came to this awesome site, and I wanted to see everything on it. But of course I couldn't because it was so big. But, I always come here to see more. Anyways, I came to the part where people wrote stories about their Bionic Commando experiences. And after I read a couple, I decided to try it out. So I downloaded the ROM and tried it out.

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

I played for about two to three hours, and I beat it. I was very glad to know I was finally done with the game. (If you are wondering what I mean, usually I don't feel like I should be saying anything about it.) Then, after I beat it, I realized it was way too easy, (I don't mind that too much), but it's just like most Nintendo games. They are very easy. Example: I beat Adventures in the Magic Kingdom in about 15 minutes! Oh, and one last thing, I didn't cheat at all, but if there was kind of a hard part or a boss, I would save state. Is that considered cheating? Well I hope you liked my story.

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