Neutral Area 14

Bionic Commando - Neutral Area 14 Bionic Commando - Neutral Area 14

What can I say about Neutral Area 14? Well for one, you will have to beat the very difficult Area 6 in order to get the Permit that you need to enter. That can be a very difficult task, and it took me hours to get past Area 6 for the first time! Now that I have practiced it a lot it's a breeze, but I still remember the difficulty... Anyhow, when you do get the Permit you will be allowed to come to this Neutral Area. Inside you will find the Blue (Gamma) communicator that you will need to even have a chance at playing levels 7-9. There are also those annoying spiked balls jumping up out of the water so be extra careful here. It is very possible to die in this Neutral Area if you are not careful.

Bionic Commando - Permit

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