Neutral Area 16

Bionic Commando - Neutral Area 16 Bionic Commando - Neutral Area 16

Neutral Area 16 is the home of a saying that will live in infamy in my mind! I have a screen-shot of it at the bottom of this page. The main reason for coming to this Area (other than seeing what this guy says) is to obtain the Green (beta) communicator. This communicator will be needed in Areas 2,3, and 6. There is one annoying little robot in this Area, and it's pretty difficult to get past him without getting hit! You don't want to shoot him due to the nature of the neutral zone so you'll have to avoid him. He's more of a nuisance than a real threat though.

Here's the pic I mentioned above

Bionic Commando - Funny

The first time I saw this I laughed at the stupidity of it! I still don't really understand what the designers were thinking when they put this dialogue in. Weird...

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