Neutral Area 18

Bionic Commando - Neutral Area 18 Bionic Commando - Neutral Area 18

Neutral Area 18 is a good place to visit because you can obtain the very effective machine gun here. Although I still prefer the rocket launcher, the machine gun is definitely second place in my estimation. However, you cannot get the machine gun until you rescue Super Joe in Area 7. Once you do that, a man named Destroyer-3 will let you have the gun. The first time I beat the game, it took me forever to find the machine gun because I didn't pay attention when Joe said Destroyer-3. I kept trying to get the gun from Destroyer-1 and Destroyer-2! Once I opened my eyes, I realized that I was talking to the wrong person! It was aggravating because the gun will be in the room no matter who you talk to, but the gun will disappear the moment before you touch it! The only way to actually obtain the gun is to talk to Destroyer-3.

Bionic Commando - Machine Gun

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