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I added a new MP3 to the Music page. It sounds excellent so be sure and check it out!

I added an announcement to the front page concerning the new Bionic Commando game that is in the works. That's right folks! A new game is officially being developed, and there are pics and vids on major gaming news sites. I have links on the front page!

I just updated the links page. I added a link to The Rolling Thunder Online Resource and also the OverClocked ReMix site which has some BC remixes. Both are definitely worth a look!

Happy New Year everyone! This time around I have a new MIDI arrangement of the Anguish theme on the Music page. This is an excellent MIDI that you should listen to!

I put a new MP3 remix of the Area 1 theme on the Music page. It sounds great so be sure and check it out!

I only have one thing for you on this update. There is an MP3 remix of the Area 1 theme on the Music page. It sounds really good so you should download it and give it a listen!

The main reason for this update is to add a link to another awesome Bionic Commando site! Check it out here or go to it from the Links page. Also, I think I have fixed the problematic Trivia once and for all. We'll see how this new method works... I also fixed a few broken links here and there. Don't forget to check out the Links page!

The bulk of this update is to the Links page. I added/modifed links including the GameFaqs Bionic Commando Message Board. Check it out if you want to talk about BC. I also fixed a few broken links throughout the site. That's it for this update!

This time I added a link on the main page to the Top Ten Times for beating Bionic Commando! This is a cool page where the best times for completing the game will be posted. Check it out! I also added an excellent Bionic Commando site to the Links page. It is called Hal's Bionic Commando Webpage. It is a very funny site so I highly recommend visiting it. I guess that is all for this time.

This is just a quick update. I forgot to mention that not all the NSMs for the new walkthrough are complete. I also fixed the trivia game so that you can see the answers now :)

It has been a while hasn't it? I don't have much time to update these days, but I don't plan to take this site down anytime soon. The biggest update is that I am hosting a Bionic Commando walkthrough. It is pretty cool and has NSM movies that accompany the text. Check it out here or look for the link on the main page. I also updated my Links page by correcting links and removing dead sites. Anyway, that is all for this update.

Happy New Year one and all. I have some pretty nice updates for you this time around. First of all, there are 3 new stories on the Back in the Dayz section. I also updated the Fan Art section with an old Nintendo Power poster. Also, check out the Rumors sections for updated info on the GBC Bionic Commando game as well as an upcoming Bionic Commando movie! The other major update is that there are 2 new NESticle movies in the Top Secret Areas section. Both are really cool so be sure to check them out! In other news, one of the Guestworld servers died, and as a result all older entries have become casualties of war. We may never know who was responsible for the server loss, but it smells like another Nazi/Badds plot... Anyway, enjoy the new updates.

This is just a quick update. I added a cool site called EVGamer to my Links Page. Be sure to check it out!

I bet you thought I was locked up in the Badd's POW camp enduring unspeakable torture at the hands of those fascist freaks! No, I've just been terribly busy with things that are almost as bad (just kidding), but I was able to finally make another update. This time around I have some new Music for you so check that out. I also printed a new Rumor about a new GameBoy Color version of Bionic Commando. Hopefully it will come out soon! Finally, I updated the Back in the Dayz section with 4 new stories. Hopefully my next update won't take as long as this one did... Anyway, enjoy the updates!

I'm back again with more updates for all you Bionic Commando fanatics! The major update is the three new Bionic Commando memories in the Back in the Dayz section. I also modified the Links Page a bit. The only other updates are very minor and aren't worth mentioning specifically (mainly corrections etc). For future updates I plan to make some more MIDIs so that every BC tune will be on this site. I also plan on creating a new set of Trivia questions to complement the old ones for all of you who have already played the old trivia to death! Here's something to note: This site is now over a year old! It feels older than that for some reason, but I guess a year on the internet for a site is pretty old. Anyway, enjoy the new updates!

After another month, I have some pretty substantial updates for all you commandos out there! First of all, I updated some bits and pieces of info from my About the Creator of BCHQ page. I was also reminded about how Earthworm Jim borrows BC gameplay! How I let that one wriggle past me I'll never know. Check out the Sightings section to see more games the borrow from BC. Now for the two biggest bits of news: First, there are two great new stories in the Back in the Dayz section. Be sure to read those. Second, the awesome MAME arcade emulator now supports Bionic Commando! To find out more check out the Emulator section. Finally, I have added some new links. The new links are to Blaster Master related pages. Blaster Master was one of the best games for the NES, and you can now see what all the fuss is about by checking these site. Just go to my Links Page. Wow, it was a lot of work doing these updates with me being as busy as I am, but rest assured that this site will be around for a long time to come (even if the updates do get kind of slow). Anyhow, enjoy the new updates!

It's great to back again! I have been vacationing for the last month or so, and I had very limited internet access. I've responded to nearly every e-mail that piled up while I was gone so if you didn't get a response let me know. Now for the updates: First of all, there are two new Bionic Arm Sightings, and there is a new Back in the Dayz story. I updated the link to the Strider Zone so check that out on the Links Page. I also added a link to a site called Video Game Review which covers games for newer game systems, and it has an AWESOME links page! I finally finished a new section which contains scanned images of the entire NES Bionic Commando Instruction Manual. It can be found in the Manuals section. Well, that's it for the latest update!

I've got some nice stuff for all you commandos out there! First of all, there is a new story in the Back in the Dayz section. There is also an intriguing new Rumor so check that out as well. Another new thing is that I have been informed of a new Bionic Arm Sighting in a game called Shadow of the Ninja. Check out the Links Page too because I added a link to an NES site called N8: NES Centre. I have been saving the best update for last... I finally found a ROM for the Japanese Famicom version of BC (called Top Secret) thanks to Chris Covell. As a hardcore BC fan, I have wanted this for a long time... It can be downloaded in the Emulation section. Oh yeah, one more thing before I forget. Several people have had trouble running Nesticle 0.43 because DOS4GW is not included in the ZIP. I made that available on the emulation section. Enjoy the updates!

I apologize for not updating in a month... I've been extremely busy with other things, but I've also just been too lazy to update. Now that I have been out of school for a whole month, I'm starting to get sick of being lazy so expect me to update more regularly. If you thought that perhaps I had been captured by the Imperial Forces, well... Anyway here are the updates:

Now that school is out and I have finally gotten all my stuff set up here at home, I am actually able to update again! The first thing that's new here is another Back in the Dayz story. Check it out! The other cool thing I have for you today is a new section that provides information on Top Secret Areas in Bionic Commando. Right now there is only one secret area posted, but I am sure there are others in the game. Check that section out, and see if you can get to the secret area! That's it for this update, but I expect to add a new section that details the Gameboy version of BC within the next month. Keep your eyes peeled soldiers!

Things have been pretty busy for me since the end of the semester is approaching, but once school is out I plan to add a Gameboy section to this site! Speaking of Gameboy, there is a new Back in the Dayz story about a fan's Gameboy BC experience! Also, on my other website, Dman's Game Programming Domain, I have added a page with a bunch of Super Mario Bros Tricks. These tricks are in the Nesticle Movie format (NSM) to allow you all to see how these things are done. Check it out!

All I can say is that the last week has been exhausting for me. I spent about 35 hours this week alone on a programming assignment for my graphics class, and still had to turn it in without full functionality. To me that's ridiculous, especially considering that another guy spent nearly 100 hours on the assignment... The worst part is that the assignment is the 3rd of 4 so I still have one left! Anyway, you could probably care less so I'll quit complaining and fill you in on the BC stuff you came for. First of all, there is a new Bionic Arm Sighting in a game called Norse by Norsewest. Also, there are two new stories in the Back in the Dayz section. As if that weren't enough, I added the exit the level at any time trick to the Quick Reference Guide for those of you who may not know it already. Finally, in the Links section, there is a new link to NeoStrider's Strider Zone. Since many BC fans seem to like Strider too, you will want to check this site out! Well, that's it for this update!

The Captain and Super Joe have authorized me to make a pretty big update! First of all, I finally put a link to a BC Arcade emulator on the Emulator Page. Thanks to everyone who gave me the URL to this emulator! In other news, there are two new Bionic Commando stories on the Back in the Dayz Page. Be sure to check those out as well. That's it for this update because I still have to spit-shine Super Joe's boots for his speech to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg tomorrow!

Today I've got a new Back in the Dayz entry for you! Check it out! I also added a link to NES On-Line in the Links Section so check that out too. There is also a good BC arcade emulator called SLUTTE that you might be interested in, but I lost the URL to the website. If anyone has the URL let me know! Well, that's it for today.

Wow! It has been over two weeks since my last update! A big thanks goes to the FF Corps Strike Force for springing me from the Imperial Force's prison camp (The Rumors that I printed must have touched a nerve...). I am still not fully recovered from the ordeal, but I should be back to full duty soon. Because I am still a bit weak from the starvation and torture I was subject to, I only have a few updated links for you today. I updated the links to TSR's NES Archive and I also changed the link for RPGamer which is also known as "The site formerly known as Square Net". Both of those sites are on the Links Page. I plan to document and make fun of some of the errors in the NES Bionic Commando game and the instruction manual in my next update so keep checking back here, and watch out for the Imperial Forces!

It seems that I have been in error about the name (or lack thereof) of your character in the NES version of Bionic Commando. I have been told by several people that his name is Ladd, Captain Ladd (I couldn't resist). I had seen the name Ladd during the game's ending, but I have never been totally convinced that Ladd was his name. However, now that I have heard this from many of you, my doubts have been somewhat dispelled. Anyhow, I changed all the stuff on this site that says the Captain has no name. I also added a link to TSR's NES Archive. This site has game manuals, FAQs, and much more. Be sure to check out the RealAudio sound clip TSR has of the Zelda television commercial. I remember seeing that commercial (how could I forget), and I thought it was so stupid that I said to myself, "Self, that's one game you definitely don't want to play". It was that bad... It turns out that Zelda is one of my favorite games ever despite the crappy commercial! Also, I have another Bionic Commando fan's trip down memory lane in the Back in the Dayz section of this site. Check it out! Finally, there is a cool artist's impression of what the Bionic Commando 2 character could look like in the Fan Art section. It looks awesome so be sure to expose your optical sensors to it. As if that weren't enough, I also have a new game listed in the Sightings Section. The game is called Rockin' Kats, and it was made for the NES. Well, enjoy all the new stuff!

I know it has been a while since my last update, but school this semester really has me in a strangle-hold! The little free time I do have is usually spent playing games or programming them. However, I'll try to update every week if possible because I know that the caretakers of other pages annoy me intensely when they don't update their pages for long periods of time. For today I have a new MIDI in the Music Section. It is from the Neutral Zone in the NES version of Bionic Commando. Check it out. That's the only real update that I have for today besides the fact that that new MIDI is now on all of the Neutral Zone pages in the Levels section. Finally, due to popular demand (and the fact that I am running out of new stuff to add), I have decided to start providing some info on the Gameboy Bionic Commando game. It may be a while before I get that stuff on here, but you can rest assured that the info will be substantial.

Boy have I been busy lately. My huge computer program is still not finished, but I am getting closer by the day. I decided to take a breather and let everyone know that I am not a POW in the Imperial Force's prison camp. I escaped from there years ago. I have received a message via the Delta communicator from Bionic Commando Serges that you may be interested in. It is another entry for the Back in the Dayz section! I guess that's it until I finish my program.

I recently received a top secret e-mail from an anonymous person with another Bionic Commando rumor! I can't reveal the source or it would put this person's life in danger. In fact, I am risking my life by simply printing it! Check it out on the Bionic Commando Rumors section. Sorry that I don't have any other updates, but school is overwhelming me. I have a huge computer program due next week, and I have not even started yet! The program will use OpenGL and will be similar to a CAD modeling studio! Cool huh? Maybe I'll post it on Dman's Game Domain when it is done.

Besides a few minor fixes here and there, I added a new tidbit of nostalgia courtesy of Kurt Kalata on the Back in the Dayz section. Check it out! I also added a couple of new games to the Bionic Arm Sightings list. That's it for today because I have some major school stuff to do!

It seems that I made a boo boo. I was testing my Bionic Commando trivia, and I realized that one of the answers on my answers page (the one about the Zelda Triforce) was wrong! Oops... It is corrected now, and hopefully all of the answers are correct now.

First of all, I added a couple of new links to my Links Page. I also added a new Rumors Page. There is only one rumor on there right now, but it's a doozy! Finally, I totally reorganized my Music Page. Before it was just plain ugly, but now it is much more aesthetically pleasing. Check it out!

The biggest news is my move to Simplenet! I was actually quite pleased with the Geocities service, but now I have unlimited space, a slightly shorter URL, faster loading, unlimited traffic, and HTMLscript! The main reason that I switched was so I could use the HTMLscript on my personal page. I really want to use CGI scripts of my own which are written in Perl, but very few web providers allow it. However, HTMLscript is nearly as functional as CGI scripts so I should be able to implement my plans... Sure it costs a little more, but I've got money coming out of my uh... bellybutton! In other news I updated the Other Versions of BC page with more detailed info on the Arcade version's levels. Finally, I added a new section called Sightings. The Sightings page is a listing of games that use Bionic Commando style swingin' action. Let me know if you can think of any games that use some derivative of the bionic arm. That's it for today!

I have created a new section for this site which is dedicated to providing rare information on Arcade and Japanese console versions of Bionic Commando. Not only does that page contain hard to find information, but it also has pics of the different artwork associated with each version. A big thanks goes to Metool for providing nearly all of the information for that page. Check it out!

I added a new Fan Art Section, and although there are only two pieces of artwork up right now, they are very good. I also fixed the drums on my MIDI of the Bionic March. It sounded terrible before although with my FM synthesis sound card I could not tell. Hopefully it sounds better now. Well, enjoy the new artwork, and let me know if you have any art that you want me to post here.

I've finally updated again! Thanks to Metool, I added some info about the arcade version of Bionic Commando in the Briefing section. I also put some new MIDIs up in the Music Section although none of the new MIDIs were done by me. Check them out! Finally, I added a Links Page so that my visitors will be able to see the sites that I visit regularly. They are all excellent so check them out! That's it for this update.

I updated some of the info in my About the Creator of the BCHQ page. I also made a few changes to the HTML code to try and get my site ranked highly on search engines. Hopefully my tactics will work; if so, I'll be reading this entry in the future and gloating about how smart I am! Otherwise I'll just be another 'net junkie with a website and no fans...

I fixed the guestbook so feel free to sign in! I also added a feature called The Top Ten Uses for the Bionic Arm! The list will probably be revised and updated occasionally, and if you send ideas to me that I like I'll put those on the list too. Enjoy!

Today I added a page with info about me, the creator of this site. Be warned: That page contains material that you may not want to know about me so beware! Seriously, the page does contain lots of detailed information about me so if you are curious Check it Out! I'll be moving my stuff back to school tomorrow since my much too short break is over now. I'll probably update again once I get my computer all hooked up there. That's it for today!

Happy New Year! I have improved my Trivia Page immensely. There are now 20 questions, and you can view the correct answers after you give your best shot! I wanted to write a CGI script myself that would calculate scores and do more neat stuff like that, but then I found out that Geocities doesn't allow their members to use their own CGI scripts. You must use their very limited scripts. That's too bad because I would like to do some neat stuff... I guess I'll have to use Java (yuk). Java is easy to program, but the Applets suck! Applets are slow, they flicker, and they don't always work right. But I guess beggars can't be choosers... Try out my new trivia today!

To quote a rap that I once heard, "Today was a good day". I put MIDIs that I made on the level pages that they correspond to although not all level songs are finished yet. I also made a separate Music Page where you can listen to or download these MIDIs along with descriptions of the names that I have given to each. Finally, I added a new feature that allows you to view dialogue in the game that is unforgettable to me. Some of these are funny too. I guess that's it for now, but expect MIDIs for every level including Neutral Areas and Convoys soon.

I actually got my emulation page up and running! For those of you who want to play BC but can't find the game or NES system, check out the Play BC on Your PC page. It is accessible from the main site. I also want to get the Neutral Areas finished, and I plan to start on a TOP TEN BC QUOTES page. That should be enough work for the rest of the day. Of course, there are still many MIDIs to finish so I still have my work cut out for me...

I finally decided to let everyone access my Levels section! It's still not complete, but I have basically finished write-ups and screen shots for all of the regular levels. I still don't have any of the neutral zones done, and I haven't finished creating MIDIs for every level, but I am getting close. I also have a few other nice features coming up the pike so check back here often! One of these features is about my first BC experience. You can access it from the main page so check it out soon! I am also adding an emulator section. I am doing this so that those of you who can't find the games or don't have the systems can play these great games. That is also accessible from the main page. Let me know if you find any inaccurate/misplaced information on these new sections so I can make the necessary corrections. I do proofread everything, but sometimes things may slip by me or I might forget to proofread something. I hope you enjoy the new Levels Section!

Wow! I have done a lot of work on this site, but the only new thing that I have up at the moment is a NES version quick reference guide. It contains quick info on the first few levels of the game. It's not complete yet, but it's getting there. I am simultaneously working on about 5 other major projects for this site, but none of them are complete enough to even put up yet. These new updates will be AWESOME when they are finished, but for now you'll just have to wait!

I changed the layout of the main page since I now have too much stuff to fit on just that page! Now the main page is simply a doorway to other parts of the site. I also added a page with an overview of Bionic Commando games. It has some new graphics too! I plan to get some reviews and specific game info up this week sometime so stay tuned!

Prepare to be interrogated! We are now pleased to offer Bionic Commando Trivia! Right now it is limited to 5 questions, but I plan to write a script that allows more. My exams were over Friday, but I spent 12 hours straight Friday night through Saturday morning grading over 100 PreCalculus exams and then averaging the grades! Ah, a 12 hour vacation in Hell as an early Christmas present from the Math department of NCSU... Anyhow, expect MAJOR updates in the next week or so.

Not much is new because I still have one exam left, but I did somehow manage to create enough time to sequence a MIDI file. The song is one of my favorite ones in the whole game! I call it "Slime Mold" because the song plays on a stage where "slimes" come out of the walls and carry you around. Expect more updates this weekend.

This whole page is what's new today! I created some animated GIFs and put a guestbook on. I plan to gather info from both the Gameboy and NES versions so that each game will have its own area. However, don't expect any updates until next weekend because this week is the dreaded exam week for me. For those of you who haven't experienced college exam week, it sucks boulders through an ant's butt! Well, keep checking this page for more updates.

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