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Paul's BC Analysis: It Gets Better With Age

Bionic Commando.... oh yes. A part of my childhood, I would say.....

I first received my Nintendo in the Christmas of 1986 at age 9. It was part of 4th grade, and subsequent grades, to bond playing Nintendo. We would play outside until it was dark in Texas, for the weather was always nice, and come inside in the evenings to play Nintendo. I was "fortunate" to have a friend with very wealthy parents, John, to borrow games from constantly.... The memories of Nintendo games are multiple, and I can usually associate them with a certain time. Like I remember playing "Blaster Master" with a cousin in anger because Magic Johnson pulled a hamstring in the NBA finals vs. the Pistons. I remember the dazzling complexity of Metroid, fascinating me in 5th grade when I had chicken pox. Konami games were very will liked... from classics like "Gradius" and "Stinger" to the immortal "Castlevania", and finally the pure fun of "Goonies" (quite different from the now lost arcade game I played at 7-11). I remember spending a summer mowing lawns, playing football, and Final Fantasy....

Blaster Master

I had over 45 Nintendo games, and rented countless others, and beat them all in the summer of 1988. I had read a review about "Bionic Commando" in Nintendo power, shortly before school was let out. I was 11 at the time. A friend in my social studies class ardently promoted the game, telling me how fun it was. I remember at the now defunct "Gold Mine" arcade in the small Central Park mall in San Antonio, the game Bionic Commando was always in a corner. I found it very hard.

I purchased the game after karate practice, as a reward for finishing the school year with good grades. I called my friends Scott and Mathew over, and we placed the game in. I remember the very interesting opening sequences, and how much they reminded me of WWII Nazi Germany films. Even the helmets of the enemies and the uniforms had that deep, fascist quality to them. The music had such a 1940s, WWII rhythm, at least to me. The parallels were obvious. All the symbolism aside, the game was damn fun! In a summer that featured the debut of "Batman" and all types of hype, we spent alot of time that wonderful summer playing Bionic Commando. I can remember being at my friend Scott's slumber party when we finally beat it. I may have been 11, but in my mind we were fighting Nazis all along. The appearance of Hitler astounded my friends and only validated my "mission"!

The NAZI Look

I graduate from the US Naval Academy this May 1999, and am going to pursue the exciting field of Naval Aviation (remember Top Gun?). I am not a "computer geek", but I still enjoy occasionally playing an old game. As a history major, I enjoy the skewed reality of the game. I would play Bionic Comando at my uncle's house (he still had an old Nintendo) and beat the game during particularly boring family reunions. It is great to have this game on ROM. I play it now and then. I find the musical score on it so very deep, dark, complex, a lot like the game. The almost cinematic development of the game is a great aid. Even now and then, the music from the game will pop into my head, like a bad Celine Dion song, and not go away.......

I applaud you for designing this page! Most Nintendo games were childish fun, but we spent many hours of our youth unfolding them, like an interactive book. Occasionally, a thought provoking game would come out. None, in my opinion, have ever surpassed the brilliance of Bionic Commando. The music, artwork, symbolism were all nearly a form of art. This was one great game. I am happy that, when I deploy on an aircraft carrier, I can take a break from the seriousness of my job and play the ROM on my laptop. It harkens back to childhood fun, and amazingly enough, the fascinating and ominous character of the game is still there, the more "mature" and "smart" I get.

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