Back in the Dayz:

How Jon got his Groov... er.. Bionic Commando Back

When I was in 3rd grade the cool place to hangout was the skating ring, but I sucked at skating so instead of falling down an hurting myself I would spend all my money on an arcade game that had a guy who climbed up trees with a metal arm. For years I looked for the game in other arcades because they got rid of it at the skating ring, but I had forgotten what the game was called and none of the games looked like it so I gave up.

The Bionic Commando Arcade Game!  A rare sight indeed...

Then a few years later I was at a store that had a clearance sale on old Nintendo games, and I was kinda poor (I still had a Nintendo when all the other kids had a Sega) so I was looking at the games when I picked up Bionic Commando (the only reason was because the name was cool) and decided I was going to buy that game. When I got home I started to play, and then I realized it was the same game from the skating ring. I felt good knowing that I had found my long lost love.

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