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Rob's Bionic Commando Story

I remember getting my NES in 1989 and trying out a lot of the games that existed at the time - most of which I still play to this day. Castlevania, Gradius and Contra all won me over instantly, and the other "greats" (Zelda, Ghosts N' Goblins, and Blaster Master, to name a few) soon followed. It wasn't until '90 that I really knew about Bionic Commando. My friend Chris was a huge BC fan, and one day I went over to his house after he had rented some games. BC was the first one he popped in, and for the next 2 hours I sat there as he went through the game. I thought it was an excellent game, but I didn't know if it was quite my thing. I then made my big mistake - I didn't actually play it. As the newer systems came out, my interest in the NES was shelved for a while. Bionic Commando soon faded from my memory.

Fast forward to August 1997.

I had been collecting NES games for quite a few months now. The new systems (PlayStation, N64, and Saturn) hadn't thrilled me at all (okay, there was Resident Evil, and I knew that Konami was going to release a PlayStation Castlevania), so I had decided to play the old NES again. I soon found other people who shared my newfound interest in the NES, and we began scouring pawn shops and flea markets for bargains on NES games (I found Zelda II for $1.75 in one place. . . cool!).

Zelda 2 title screen Blaster Master Title Screen

One day I was in a little pawn shop near my house, and they were selling off all of their NES games cheap! After searching for a few minutes, I found Blaster Master. Then I saw Bionic Commando. I remembered it fondly from the few times I'd seen it previously, but I still wasn't sure if it was the kind of game I could get into. Finally I just said "what the hell" and bought both of them.

Upon popping in Bionic Commando after I got home and playing it for a few hours, I was really annoyed with myself. This was an awesome game! Why hadn't I played it before? Was I on drugs or something? How could I have let something this great pass me by for all of these years? Oh, well. Better late than never, I suppose. BC is now a permanent part of my NES library, and one of my all time favorites.

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