Bionic Commando Rumors

As the title suggests, this page is devoted to all of the gossip and rumors that are associated with Bionic Commando. If you have any juicy tidbits of information on Bionic Commando, e-mail me!

Bionic Commando Movie Confirmed!

As I reported over a year ago (see the last entry on this page), there is some kind of Bionic Commando Movie in the works. You can find information here. Let's hope this thing pans out.

Bionic Commando for GameBoy Color Confirmed!

It has been announced that Nintendo (not Capcom) is working on a version of Bionic Commando for the GameBoy Color. It appears that the game is totally new, and it may have multiple characters to play as. I've seen this game in motion, and it looks pretty smooth! Let's hope that the gameplay will live up to the Bionic Commando name!

The game will be released in late January!

Possibly a New BC Game!

Gamefan volume 5 issue 10 Oct. 97. In their Other Stuff section they did a column on Capcom N64 development. I'll pick up towards the end of the column. "Perhaps more importantly is the word that Capcom is also working on at least one N64 exclusive title. The rumor mill is churning with word on what it could be, but Bionic Commando or Strider are the likely candidates."

Yeah, I'd like to see Bionic Commando on the N64 if Capcom doesn't butcher it... The control could be amazing with the analog stick. I'd still rather see a Playstation version though...

Saddam Hussein

The originator of this rumor has been kept anonymous for his/her own safety. I am also in danger simply because I am printing this rumor. In fact, you are in danger for even reading this far! Having said that, read at your own risk...

I heard from a top UN official that not only is Saddam Hussein holding back on Biochemical weapons, but he also has plans to ressurrect a certain Master-D. He also has a well trained Special Unit equipped with Biomechanical Grappling Devices. This unit was specially set up to counter any movement by The Federation or a certain Hiryu who is not associated in any way with the forementioned group.

Pretty scary...

BC takes on Hollywood?

A fellow by the name of Bond (really!) recently sent me an encrypted message by satellite that reads as follows:

It seems that our intelligence reports that a top-secret movie is currently being shot by an unknown film producer. Our sources indicate that it may be based on the Bionic Commando video game. No further information is available at this time.

Well, well, well! I think that the plot behind Bionic Commando would make an excellent movie. Let's hope that this rumor becomes reality...

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