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Max Takes a Trip Down BC Memory Lane

Flashback to December 1988. Then an 11-year-old Nintendo maniac (like most of you were/are), I was down at the local gaming store in downtown Quebec City along with my dad. It was time to get a new game! Even though we were far from being rich, somehow my dad enjoyed spoiling us (my bro, my sis and I) by purchasing ''state-of-the-art'' games. That day, I had narrowed down the games I wanted to buy to 3: Adventure Island, Castlevania 2 and obviously, Bionic Commando. I had previously played the former 2 games. As for the latter, my interest in it was purely based on screenshots I had seen in an had. I thought the graphics were incredible. Suddenly, the interest I had built up was crushed when I actually played BC at the retail store. I couldn't do anything! The bionic arm was too much of a novelty and waaaaay too hard to control. There's no denying it, BC was out of my want list. (By the way, that day, I finally chose Adventure Island since a friend of mine already owned Simon's Quest. Yikes!)

Hudson's Adventure Island Castlevania 2 Title Screen

Fast-forward to April of 1989. I had saved money from the Holidays as well as my birthday to get myself a brand new game. Somehow, I was still attracted (and intrigued) by Bionic Commando's freshness. Although I hated it the 3 minutes that I played, I still wanted to give it a shot. The clincher was that the same friend who owned Simon's Quest rented it and told me it was great. The next weekend I hopped in the car with my mom and we went to Woolco (now defunct in Quebec) who advertised the game at 52.99(Canadian $). Usually, most ''good'' games sold for $59.99.

Now that I had BC for myself, I was thoroughly enjoying it. However, it took me about 2 weeks to understand anything in the game (have in mind I live in a French unilingual province). Later on, I caught up with the game, and even though it took me a substantial amount of time to beat it, I really did it all by myself, something I'm rarely able to do nowadays...

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