Top Ten Uses for the Bionic Arm

10.Use it to grab pencils that you drop in class that can't be reached with your foot.
9.Use it to grab a snack from the fridge while watching a ball game. You won't miss any plays again!
8.Broken swingset? No problemo! Just use your arm to swing.
7.Use it in basketball to block shots and slam dunk if you are vertically challenged! Also useful for other sports.
6.Use it to retrieve that frisbee that has been on the roof since 3rd grade.
5.Use it to stop thieves when they steal an old lady's purse.
4.Use it to land a role playing in a SpiderMan movie.
3.Use it to change TV channels when you can't find the remote.
2.Use it to save the world from a fascist dictator.
1.Show it to all the girls. Hear comments like "Oh it's sooooo long!".

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