Top Secret Areas

This portion of the Bionic Commando HQ is dedicated to providing information and screenshots of top secret areas in Bionic Commando. Below you can find a screenshot, Nesticle movie, and a description of all known secret areas. If you know of a secret area that is not listed here, let me know, and I'll put it on this page and will list you as the contributor. Check this stuff out and see if you can find any new areas!

If you need Nesticle and a Bionic Commando ROM go to the Emulator Section.

ScreenShot Movie Contributor Description
Area 3: Secret hallway Chris Covell This secret hallway can be found in Area 3 of the NES version. Its location is near the end of the level after you get inside the building and communicate. In order to get to this place you must use the bionic arm skillfully to get yourself inside of the ceiling which will knock you up through to this hidden area. Check out the movie I made if you are having trouble.
Area 1 Conrad A person who goes by the name Conrad sent me this movie that showcases some serious Bionic Arm skill. Check this movie out if you want to see some fancy pants swinging!
Neutral Area 15: Barrier Steven Andrzejewski There are 2 barriers in Neutral Area 15 that seem impassable without blowing them away. Well, there is a way to pass the barriers without firing a shot! This will allow you to explore the Area without the intruder alarm on. This movie I made shows how it is done.

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