Back in the Dayz:

Tuxido's Relentless BC Quest

One day, a long time a go, I went to a friend's house to play a game that I have. It was Resident Evil 2, but who cares because he had found the game at the K-mart that was near our house, and he brought Mighty Final Fight, Final Fantasy, and BIONIC COMMANDO! I was in shock that he found that game... It was one of my favorite game of all time! It is right there with Super Mario Bros 3 and Strider.

Mario 3! Strider...

He let me play just to remember the good old days, and I was about to pass the game, but I did not make it out on time after I defeated Hitler. I was relentless so the next day he came over, and I got out on time and passed the game and with much relief I said to myself "you can pass any game now", but a few days later I tried to pass Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, but Apocalypse beat me. However, I still say to my self that I can pass any game if I just learn from my mistakes.

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