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Xenom's Struggle Against the Evil "ga, ga, ga..."

I'm here to tell you about the person, game, er... whatever I met when I was young... I remember playing the arcade game vaguely when I was about 9 or 10 years old, but that never hit home. What did was the NES version of the game. I rented the game on a whim, went home and played it with my cousin and brother. It took us hours to get the hang of that arm, but I finally got the hang of it and... beat the game!! ... er... it must be the end cause I keep starting from the beginning over and over. Turns out the next day when I "beat" it again I pushed something and my copter moved to the next area. Then it hit me. All those levels!??! Wow!

Swinging off into the sunset...

It took me a long time, and it truly dawned on me that this game was truly special when I reached area 5, and the music began to send chills up my spine, watching the red sunset combined with the excellent graphics and dialogue. I was truly on the edge. I became engrossed in the story, striving onward toward that elusive upper right hand corner of the map. An evil "ga, ga, ga...." setting me back every once in a while and nearly impossible swings in a couple of levels.

The Revival Device

Well, I finally reached the last level and a new music began which fit the breakneck adrenaline rushed scenario perfectly, and when I reached a huge glass, water filled container with Master D inside it, I started to get freaked out. The electricity cracking through the air. The General is down. A horror of a man walks out of the glass. Hey... that looks like... Aa! Kami-sama! It's Hitler!!!!! then he calls me a "Damn fool!" and unleashes the true horror of the Albatross on me. And it scared me. And the music. And the flames. It took me many attempts to finally destroy it. But it wasn't over. I needed Hal (still remember his name) to give me his bazooka (as if my rocket launcher wasn't good enough). Again it took many attempts, but I finally shot the cockpit and . . . . the gore! That was intense! Escaping was hard too, because I had to use the enemy to propel myself to the next level. Finally made it out and was greeted with the standard Nintendo video game ending of the fortress blowing up (how many games have this ending?). What was cool is how they tied in the ending with the beginning. He was telling a story.

BTW & help; Anyone know who did the music for the game? Do you know what other games the musician did?

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