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Yan's BC Infiltration: Just like Sneakers

I was playing Metroid one day, which is a very good non-linear game and a game of exploration and blowing up aliens.

Metroid screenshot

I heard about this game, Bionic Commando, first from The Metroid Database (very good site!) and decided to get the ROM and try it. I downloaded the ROM, and played for 2 hours straight and beat it. It was very challenging at first.

Well, once I got ahold of the maneuvers, I started to really like the game. I communicated with everyone, and learned a lot. To me, it is actually like a REAL LIFE SIMULATION. It is like you infiltrating into a base and receiving calls from your boss. AND WIRETAPPING! AND THE AMBUSH IN COMMUNICATION ROOMS! They are so real! The rooms are not going in one direction. You will need to backtrack a lot though and go to places you couldn't go to before. I especially like this one area. It has different music and it is like one GIANT maze. There are like 10 doors in it. It is just like the movie Sneakers to me.

Area 8: Many doors

Well, needless to say, I beat the game in one day. I was surprised at the ending and wondered if NINTENDO made it PG-13 or something. :-)

Well, it is off my hard drive now, and I am still thinking about the time I couldn't get the machine gun. I kept talking to Destroyer-1. First, I thought the game had a misprint when Joe said to talk to Destroyer-3, but I figured it out finally. Have fun, everyone! :-)

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