Programming Books: Reviewed

This section exists so that any readers of my site may know what I think about the many game programming books that I own. I am not afraid to slam a crappy book, but I always try to understand that each book targets a specific audience. I don't penalize a book (much :) just because I'm not in the target audience. I try to be fair here. Just remember that these are my opinions, and you may not agree with me. Still, you may find these reviews useful so enjoy!

Beware though... A phrase I once heard as a child applies here. Opinions are like @$$holes... Everyone has one, and they all stink! Seriously, these are only my opinions so don't take my advice as gospel. I can only tell you how useful these books were for me. Also, I have chosen not to rate any books with a rating scale (like a scale of 1 to 10 for instance) because the rating would only apply to people just like me. I think you should read what I have to say and make your own judgement.

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