Game of the Week - Super Smash Bros!

This page was created to describe my most played game each week in detail. I am a self-described "binge" game player because I go on binges and will play the same game almost non-stop over the course of a few days until I finish it. I hope that you will find my game experiences interesting!

How it Became Game-o-the-Week

The N64 is simply THE console to have for multiplayer games! Super Smash Bros is one of the games that proves it. In a nutshell, this game is a fighting game with some of Nintendo's most beloved characters duking it out! This game is simply a blast when you have some friends over.

The Game Itself

The premise of Super Smash Bros is pretty simple: Throw in 12 of Nintendo's most popular characters and have them battle it out in each of the character's worlds. The object is to beat your opponent senseless with punches, kicks, throws, and special moves unique to each character. Once your opponent has enough damage done to them, you can knock them into oblivion with a powerful hit or throw. Items like hearts (to restore energy), baseball bats, bombs, and more appear randomly to add spice to the gameplay.

The one player mode is decent, and the two player mode is pretty fun, but the real charm of the game becomes apparent in the three and four player modes. It's non-stop action that will have everyone in the room laughing and howling! There's not as much strategy as most other fighting games, and real combos are almost non-existent, but the action is so fast and furious that you won't even care.

If you have other people around that like video games, Super Smash Bros is a must buy! It ranks right up there with Super Mario Kart, GoldenEye, and Turok 2 in multiplayer madness. Give it a try!

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