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I bet you thought I was never going to update again huh? It's tough to update when you program full time at work, program games at home, and try to play games too! That can really eat up a person's schedule. Anyway, this update is pretty big. As usual, I updated the Game of the Week and the Most Played Game System Lately sections. I also beat 4 new games: Zelda 64, Super Smash Bros, Tekken 2, and Lunar SSSC. I know that's kind of weak for 8 months of time, but I just haven't been playing games as much as I used to. I added some sites to the Links page so check that out too. The newest addition is a new section called NES Movies which has NESticle movies that I made. Be sure to check it out!

As far as programming goes, I am working on a 2D scroller game at the moment. I'm still working on the engine, but I plan to make either an overhead view or side scroller game. Hopefully it will be my best game yet! I'll keep you all updated on my progress. Well, that's it for this update!

Christmas 1998 has now passed, and I have finally updated again! For those of you wondering what I have been doing for the last couple of months, I can tell you that I have been hard at work on my latest game! I'm working with 3 other people, and this game is the most ambitious one I have ever done! I'm actually going to FINISH this one. I can't reveal any details right now, but when the game is near completion I'm going to build a very cool website for it! I'm very busy with the development of this game so I won't be making frequent updates to this site. Speaking of updates, I actually have a few to tell you about! As usual, I have updated the Game of the Week and the Most Played Game System Lately sections. I also reviewed another game programming book so check that out in the Book Reviews sections. I even updated my Links Page with a new DirectX site so check that out too! I also beat 2 more games: Kid Niki for the NES and Metal Gear Solid for PSX. Both games were pretty easy but still fun. Speaking of beating games, some of you may have noticed the very profane criticism of my site and the Games Beaten List in my guestbook. Read what I have to say about this here. You'll see that we have a very sad, angry person in our midst here on the internet... Anyway, enjoy the new updates!

It's been a long time hasn't it! Not only did I go on vacation for a month, but I also got a new job. A lot has changed for me so I have updated the About Me page. I'm still working on a DirectX game engine although the actual game details are still unclear. I will say this though: I WILL MAKE ANOTHER GAME. You can take that to the bank. I'm still working out the details of who will be involved in the development process besides me, but even if it's just me a game will get done. Now that I have said that, I have updated the Game O' the Week and the Most Played System Lately sections. I'm sure you'll enjoy those. I also kept my word and reviewed a game programming book! Check it out in the Programming Book Reviews section. Let me know what you think because I plan on doing some more book reviews. Another thing on the agenda of things to do is scan a picture of myself for this site. Several people are curious to see what I look like so prepare for the UNVEILING soon! Anyway, it's good to be back, and let me know if you sent me an e-mail while I was gone that didn't get answered. I did lose a few e-mails so e-mail me again if I didn't respond.

Well, I have been programming my butt of with DirectX, and I now know enough about it to start programming a game! I have been working on a game design over the past few months so expect to hear more about this soon. As far as real updates, I am pleased to announce a new Rant On Unrealistic Things In RPGs so check that out if you have ever been puzzled by some very illogical things in recent RPGs (think: FF7... Heh heh). I also have a new Game of the Week so check that out too! I also apologize for not doing a book review like I was planning... I have just been too busy with programming, playing cool games, and preparing for vacation! Yes, I will be on vacation for a couple of weeks so don't send out a search party if I don't reply to your e-mails in a timely fashion. I'll get back to all of you when vacation is over. Until then, have fun and enjoy the updates!

This isn't really an update... It's more of a correction. I have had several people notify me that the Particle Explosion Demo didn't work on their computers. I changed the code some, and I think it will work for everyone now. Let me know if you have any problems with the new version.

Ok, I know that I was supposed to get the game programming book reviews up, but I just didn't have time. I will have at least one book reviewed for my next update though. I did manage to update both the Game O' the Week Page and the Most Played Game System Lately pages so read those when you get a chance. The main reason that I'm updating is that I have a new demo ready! It has been a while since I made my last demo, but this one is worth the wait. It's a DirectX Particle Explosion with complete source code so Check it out!!!!!! That's all I have for ya this time, but remember that I'm working on a full DirectX 2D game engine with all sorts of cool features so look forward to more cool demos that test out various parts of the engine as I complete them. Enjoy the updates!

First of all, I want you all to know that I am working on a new game that will be programmed for Windows 95/98/NT using DirectX. I'm in the process of brainstorming and coming up with a design document, and I am also trying to learn Windows programming with DirectX at the same time. This means that I may not have a demo for a while. In other news, I have updated many sections of this site. I have updated the Game O' the Week Page and the Most Played Game System Lately page. I have also posted 2 new Rants so check those out too. I am also working on a book review section where I rate and review the Game Programming books that I have. I didn't have time to finish that section, but it will be ready in my next update. Well, enjoy the new stuff!

Unbelievable! I have updated this site 3 times in one week! Maybe I should slack off some now... Anyhow, today I have a new Anecdote, and I also updated the Game'O the Week! I figured that I had to get a new game of the week soon or I'd have to change the feature's name to Game'O the Month! Well, that's all the updates. I do want to let you know that my focus is shifting to programming so my updates may become less frequent, but when I do update, chances are that I'll have a new demo for you to try out. As a final note, I went to see "Les Miserables" at the movies today, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It's one of the better movies I have seen in the past year...

I don't have a huge update for ya today, but it is respectable nonetheless. First of all, I added a new sports article in the DSPN Section. It's about the best basketball shots I have ever made. The other thing I added is the source code to my fire demo! You read that correctly... You may download the source code from the Fire Demo page. After all, I call this site a game programming site, yet I had no source code available to you all until now. Enjoy!

SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that school is finally out (there is a God :), I'll have some time to work on this website again! I have scheduled several projects for myself this summer so expect to see some demos over the next few months. I'm working on a sound engine, an awesome 3D graphics engine, a DirectX game engine, and a new game to show off my current programming skills because my other games are all at least a year old. Anyway, for this update I added a new section to this site called DSPN: Dman's Sports Network! This new section contains stories about things that have happened to me while playing sports. Right now there are only 3 stories, but I plan to add some more in the future. I will also be able to play some games this week and update some other parts of the site. I have been so busy in the last 3 weeks that I have not played a single video game. Well, I played Super Mario Bros and Contra a little, but that's it. Just expect good things to happen around here now that I have some free time on my hands. I'm also getting a separate phone line to my room in 3 weeks for internet access only so that will help as well. One more thing:

Do not use my NCSU e-mail address! I am at home now, and I am not returning to that school next semester so they will be terminating my account at any time. Use my Geocities address which is sdkess@geocities.com! Use this e-mail address until further notice.

The only thing I added in this update is some more Super Mario Bros tricks. I added several new tricks to the ZIP file containing the Nesticle movies, and I also added descriptions of each trick to the page. These tricks are all pretty cool so check them out!

Due to popular demand, I have placed my battles section back up! It is entitled Ye Olde Battles of Yore, and it has many previously unheard battles of um... yore! In case you aren't familiar with my battles, they are sound recordings of myself playing video games. What makes them unique is the way I carry on and hum (terribly) while I play. Be sure to check these battles out! I still have 2 weeks of school left so I probably won't have any new demos soon, but I did write some code last week that uses the FPU to copy data 64-bits at a time even though PCs are 32-bit! Needless to say, it uses Assembly, and it is noticably faster on slower Pentiums, but on fast Pentiums doing a normal 32-bit copy with the CPU is much faster. Oh well, it was a good try. Anyway, once school is out look for high production of demos and maybe even some tutorials and source code!

I don't have a huge update for you this time, but expect a lot more updating with demos galore when I get out of school in 3 weeks! I plan on becoming a programming machine this summer so be ready... Anyway, the update today consists of a new Anecdote, and some new/updated links. I got rid of links to sites that no longer exist, and I removed the link to Square.net and replaced it with a link to RPGamer. Finally, I added a link to an ultra cool game programming site called The Wizard's School of Game Programming. This site has some neat games and demos with source so check it out! Well, that's it for now, but be ready for some awesome demos from me very soon!

Well, I updated my Game of the Week page and my Most Played Game System page. Check those pages out if you want to hear my controversial comments about FF7 (although FF7 is not the game of the week). In other news, expect a particle explosion demo soon, and I am also working on the World's fastest MOD/sound player for use in games! My goal is to allow 32 channels of mixed sound while only using 10% of the CPU time on my Pentium 75! I believe that would qualify it as the world's fastest... Stay tuned for more.

In case you haven't noticed, I totally redesigned the layout of this site. It was getting so big that it outgrew the original design and layout. This new design will make it much easier for you to find stuff. I almost used frames, but I personally like non-frames sites better, and I know others who feel the same way. Besides the new layout, I have a couple of new things for ya! The first is that I added sound to Vampire Hunt! Check it out ASAP! I also put a cool 3D demo up that I haven't had on here for about 8 months. Some of you may have already seen it, but many of my newer visitors have not. Check it out too! Almost every other part of this site has been updated as well so check everything! Expect even more updates in the near future.

The biggest change (in case you haven't noticed) is that I have moved my site to Simplenet. I now have unlimited space, unlimited traffic, a new URL, and the use of HTMLscript. I plan to use the HTMLscript to make cool stuff for this site! Don't be surprised if things start to look different here in the near future because I want to reorganize everything. When this page was started I did not plan to make it as large as it has become. In becoming as large as it is, my site outgrew its layout similar to the way kids outgrow clothes. The current design just doesn't fit anymore. Aside from the move to Simplenet, I also updated the Games Beaten page, the Game of the Week Page, and the Most Played Game System Lately Page. Check them all out!

Today I updated both my Game of the Week page and my Most Played Game System Lately page. That's it for today besides some minor changes here and there. Expect a ton of new game ratings this weekend when I have more spare time...

The only major thing I have for you today is a new Anecdote. It's pretty funny so check it out! Other than that I made only minor changes to the site today. I plan to finish An Egocentric History of Video Games soon so keep an eye peeled for that. It's going to be awesome when it's finished. Finally, I want to note that I plan to completely overhaul the layout of this site so if it looks different in a few days you'll know why. The current layout was meant to work with a small amount of content, but I have so many separate features that things are getting cluttered. Let me know if you have any suggestions on improving the layout.

I've got some pretty substantial updates for ya today! First of all, I placed a link to the nintendo old skool in the links section. There is some pretty funny stuff on that page, but I don't think it will be updated any time soon... I also added two new features: The first is the Most Played Game System Lately page which should be self-explanatory. The other new feature is a place where I can post my rants for all of you to read. Check it out! That's it for this update because I need to get to bed (it's 2:00 AM as I type this)!

I finally updated my Game of the Week section so check that out. I also added a new feature that involves rumored tricks on Super Mario Bros for the NES. If you want to be amazed check it out! That's it for this update.

No major update today (check out my new demo though), but I did add 2 new games to the Games Beaten Page. I remembered that I beat Super Dodgeball for the NES years ago, and I also bought Blaster Master recently and just beat it last night! I rented Blaster Master for one night about 8 years ago, and I made it to the final level (level 8). I didn't find the boss before I lost my last man, and I didn't really want to start over again at level one (the game has limited continues) so the game remained unbeaten by me until late last night! Ah... the joy of triumph just can't be beaten! That brings my total up to 193! If I played my Playstation and N64 more my list would grow quickly, but for some reason I have no desire to even play most games on either of those systems. I just don't enjoy playing most of those games. I guess I am more picky about what I play since I am older now. Well, don't forget to check out the Bionic Commando HQ!

Well, I fixed the links to the Ninja Gaiden Homepage and the CastleVania Dungeon because both of those sites are now hosted by ClassicGaming.Com. The big news is that a VAMPIRE HUNT 2 DEMO IS READY! It can be found on the main page where all of my other games are. The demo is just an extremely early look, but hopefully you will see some potential there! Also, in case you haven't done so, visit the Bionic Commando HQ!

I recently picked up a used copy of Crystalis for the NES, and I beat it today. It is now up on my Games Beaten Page. It is a pretty good game although it is a tad too easy, and the collision detection seems off a bit. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Zelda type games with a Final Fantasy twist. It was worth the 10 bucks I shelled out for it. Other than that there's nothing else new besides some good improvements on my Bionic Commando Page!

There's no major update today, but I did add some text to my "Games Beaten" page. I just wanted to clarify the fact that I have never used any cheats, unearned passwords, or Game Genies to beat these games for the first time. I REALLY beat them without cheating! That's it for today.

I have finally added another anecdote so you might want to check that out. I also beat CastleVania 2: Belmont's Revenge for the Gameboy which ups my games beaten total to 190! I shouldn't brag about beating that game though because it was the easiest CastleVania game I have ever played. The only level that even took more than 1 or 2 tries was the last one! That level was the only "CastleVania difficulty" level in the game. The game is still fun however, and it's a better game than the first Gameboy CV... The only other new stuff is the work I have done on my Bionic Commando site. I have been putting in MAJOR hours on that. Check it out!

Nothing major here except an announcement. I am going to work on a new game! What game you ask? Vampire Hunt 2: The Vampire Bites Back! This will be a side-scroller in the vein of CastleVania, and this time it will feature parallax scrolling as well as at least one REAL level unlike the first Vampire Hunt. I'll probably start working on it over Christmas break so expect a demo when I get back. Also, expect BIG TIME IMPROVEMENTS of my Bionic Commando site within the next week. Why not this week? Well, I have that horrific monster known as final exams to slay this week so that will consume all of my spare time. C-ya.

Ah, I thought of another anecdote for your reading pleasure. This one is about something I once said that brought laughter to others unintentionally. On another note, I am working on a top secret web-site! I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you... and your little dog too! Just kidding... Here's a hint: Rad Spencer. That's it for now!

Yessss!!!! I have added another sound clip! This time it is from Bionic Commando for the NES. Check it out, but know that it is a spoiler if you've never beaten the game before.

Ahhh... Today I added another Anecdote. This one isn't a humorous one, but I still think you will find it entertaining. It's about my cross country escapades. There is also a short anecdote about caulk. Finally, there is a new link to An Awesome Ninja Gaiden Page. Check it out!

What's new? This What's Gnu page is what's new! I also added a totally lame feature called Anecdotes: The Antidote to Boredom. Check it out if you are bored (as the title suggests). I also updated the Games Beaten page. I beat Diddy Kong Racing yesterday, and I talked to my cousin, and we came to the conclusion that I did NOT beat Strider for the Genesis. I did make it to the final level at least (we only rented it one night). Oh yeah, I put another battle up on the Me Playing Games page. It's me fighting Drac in CastleVania 1.

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